Happy 9th Birthday!


Today is my blogs 9th birthday. 9 years ago I thought I’d look up blogging and see what it was. I had been hearing the word a lot and wondered… “Blog, what a steeeeupid sounding word..”
I’m still at it.

First Ever News From Twitter


For the first time ever, I got a piece of news first from Twitter.Korea Ferry Sinks Sinking. I saw it on Twitter and went to read more at the BBC website – nothing. Then I went to Google – nothing. Then back to the BBC and the story was there. For the first time, Twitter wins for quick news!

I also saw the US Scareways porno Tweet…

We’re over the hump. Friday is a holiday, to this is mid week for me. C’mon weekend!

I thought It was Wednesday

I woke up thinking it was Wednesday.
Tired this morning. Stayed up till 11:30 last night, went to a Passover Seder.
Sneezing and stuffy this morning.
Didn’t see the Red Moon last night, although I would have liked to.
I can’t post today, too much brain damage

BBC “On The Ground”


I’ve been hearing a new thing on the BBC lately that I really think is funny. The reporters have started saying “on the ground” all the time. “We now go to our correspondent Jane Doe who is on the ground in Kosovo.” They must have said it at least five times in the 5AM (1000 GMT) news and during the BBC show “Outside Source”.

It cracks me up, ‘on the ground’ as opposed to what? Floating in the sea? Hovering in the air? “We take you live to Richard Smith who is sitting in a tree in Southern France.” “We take you to Lilly Bloomer who is standing on one foot atop a flag pole in the Ukraine.”

There’s nothing wrong with it really, I know that they mean “on the scene” but “on the ground” is just funny to me because I wonder where people would think the reporter was if they didn’t tell us he was “on the ground”. And I hear the phrase being used more and more.

I love the BBC, I listen every day and think they’re the best, just FYI.

From a chair on the second floor of my house here in Grand Cayman, I hope you have a good week!

(quiet please)

The weatherman says rain till next week, but this morning looks like it’s going to be a nice, sunny day. Everybody just keep quiet and maybe he won’t notice!


not lookin' bad!

I’m ready for a sunny day. It’s been cloudy since Tuesday.

Have a good weekend!

More Of The Same

It is a cold, gray, lugubrious windy day.


lugubrious clouds

It would be a good day to stay home in bed. That front you can see in yesterdays pictures became stationary, so now we’re stuck under a cloudbank.

Yesterday, my main USB memory stick died. I had a lot of stuff on it, and my last backup was quite a long time ago.


mine was one like these

I’m going to have to try and find another…

Today at work I have to get my airside drivers license renewed, so I can drive where the airplanes are. I have driven airside exactly once since I’ve been working at the airport… But you never know when you’ll need it.

Have  a good  day!

Wettish Wednesday

We had some much needed rain last night/this morning. It is still cloudy and very windy.



I predict it will be sunny and clear by noon. It’s quite windy right now.


I need to get my rebreather worked  on, it needs maintenance and won’t pass it’s pre dive checks. Maybe that’s something I can have taken care of today.

I’m running late and need to get going. So long for now!

Titleless Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!
Woke up this morning about one minute before the  alarm went off. Got up, exercised, shaved showered fed cats walked dogs made coffee and now I’m sitting here.
Today is a good day because I’ll probably spend time  outside the  office today. The equipment I went to school for is having some maintenance done on it. So I’m going!

It’s been very windy from the south for the past couple of days. That means my lunch spot is quite rough. It was rough yesterday and I’m sure it will be rougher today.


This is a pic I took yesterday, It doesn’t look rough, but you can’t see the actual shore. Besides “rough” for this place really isn’t rough at all.

Coffee good this morning.

I don’t have much to post about. On the BBC in the mornings, that South African guy, Pistorius, has been giving testimony at his murder trial. Glad I’m not him. He’s crying and throwing up on the stand. I’ve only heard his side of the story though..  No comment. If you go to the BBC website, you can listen, live.

That’s about it for today. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Rude Awakening

When the alarm went off this morning, I was in the middle of a dream, dreaming I was working. My first thought was, “At least it’s Friday” Then I woke up…to a Monday…

Rude awakening..rude wake upIt’s all good though, I got the cats and dogs fed and walked, took the garbage out and I have about an hour before I need to leave for work.

And that’s it, I ‘m just ready for the week to get going.

Have a good day and a good week!

First Friday

My first Friday since I’ve been back from Kansas. It seems like the week went by pretty fast. But, I’m looking forward to the weekend.

Here’s a couple of pictures, one from diving last weekend and one from snorkeling yesterdayCamera 14MP-9PC Camera 14MP-9PCRunning late this morning. Sheba woke us up at 3:34, (It’s always 3:30, plus or minus a little, notice that?) barking at a yowling cat, then just as I was dozing off again she started barking again. When the alarm went off I set the timer for 30 minutes. When that went off, I got up and waited for The Wife to get up and use the bathroom to go to the gym. Meanwhile I walked the dogs and fed the cat. Now I’m coffeeing it, and waiting to leave for work.

Have a good weekend!!