Here’s a Monday post just like all my other Monday posts.

It was a nice weekend, but we didn’t do much because the Wife has  a cold. I mowed the yard.

I can’t think of anything suitable to post. My attitude is not the best this morning.

Washington Redskins won, RG3 may be out for the season though.

Getting closer to finding a solution for my no pictures problem. One of the main things wrong with the internet is that when you do a search, you have to sieve though so much bullcrap to find the actual info you’re  searching for.

Well, I gotta go, that’s it for today. I hear the garbage truck and I gotta run to get it out there!

Have a great week!

Remembering Ivan

Ten years  ago, Hurricane Ivan was blowing away the Cayman Islands. It was a slow moving storm and lashed us for two days, the 11th and the 12th. I won’t forget it. It was 10 years ago almost to the minute, we were just coming outside after the winds slowed down.

But the hurricane was far from over.

Most residences didn’t get power and water for months after Ivan. Almost all the light poles were broken. Almost everyone lost their roof, got flooded, or both.

I remember my first real shower in my apartment after Ivan, no electricity yet, candles in the bathroom. Very little water pressure, but it was divine.

I remember the stars after Ivan, there was no light pollution. The night skies were beautiful. Like darken ship in the Navy at sea.

I remember picking up seashells  on the beach.  Nice shells of all types that you never seem to find before.

Hurricanes are natural  events. The only “damage” they do is to man-made things.

But I don’t ever want to go through it again.

Almost The Weekend

Although we still have 40% of the week to go, it feels like it’s almost the weekend. I feel desperate for a day off.

The Wife got home safely yesterday afternoon, exhausted. We went to bed too early last night and I  woke up at 2AM. I roamed around for a while then finally put on ‘Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here’ on my headphones. I figured that would at least get me to lay down and lay still. I put those headphones on and the next thing I know the alarm is going off.

That worked pretty good.

Right  now I’m drinking coffee on the back porch.

That’s about it for today.  Still no photos…


I Thought It Was Tuesday!?!??

I thought today was Tuesday. I cannot grasp how today is Wednesday. I’m not complaining, Wife comes home today, it’s one day closer to the weekend. It’s all good.

Right now it’s raining. I haven’t checked the weather report for today. Don’t care, I’m taking the car to pick up The Wife.

I only care about the weather for:
A: Riding the bike or driving the car, or
B: Going to the beach.

Since I was taking  the car, rain or shine, rain or shine doesn’t matter.

I should have mowed the yard last weekend. It’s a jungle out there!

Have a good day!

Can’t Upload Pictures On My WordPress/101Domain Website

Not going to be easy to fix.

In my experience, online help and the FAQ’s are pretty much worthless.

On WordPress, I couldn’t find anything newer than three years old, nothing pertinent, and on Google, dead zero.

The only way to get anything fixed is to get someone on the phone.


Zee Post D’ Monday

Here we are on a Monday. The weekend was good overall. It was cloudy, but I went to the beach Saturday, then it got sunny. Sunday it was sunny in the morning and rained in the afternoon. Pretty heavy rain. We needed it.

Now it’s Monday back to work.

The Wife is still in San Francisco. Tuesday night at 11 PM, 2AM Wednesday Cayman time, she heads home. Can’t wait.

There’s not much else to say this morning.

Still can’t upload photos, but I haven’t done anything to fix it. I have to contact my site hosting service today and get the ball rolling.

Have a good week!


Got up this morning , exercised and showered. Didn’t shave. I’m outta control.

I was exhausted yesterday. I vowed to go to bed early last night. I didn’t. I wasn’t tired  then. I’m tired now.

Don’t care, it’s FRIDAY!

Blank Mind

The Wife made it to San Francisco OK last night. 9PM SF time, 11PM here. I am so tired this morning. I stayed up till she called, 11:30 ish. I probably was asleep by  midnight. Alarm at 5AM this morning.

I’m hurtin’ for certain this morning.

I can’t think of anything else to say.

Have a good day!  Tomorrow is Friday!

Weeklong Wednesday

Today The Wife goes to San Francisco  for a week to see her Mom and Aunt. Quite the rendezvous.

I’ll be here, holding down the fort. Sailing the ship. Leading the troops.

Feeding cats and dogs and going to work is more like it.

She’ll be back next Wednesday.

Till then, If I don’t post, come and find me. Bring a sandwich!