Here We Are On A FRIDAY!

Glad it’s Friday. Although the week seemed to drag on forever, in hindsight, it went by pretty fast.

Yesterday I couldn’t upload photos. Wondering if I can today.


Have a good weekend!

Good Bye Skype, This Time Forever.

I’ve been a Skype user since almost the beginning of Skype’s existence. I don’t remember who told me about Skype, but I introduced it to a lot of my friends who are on Skype today.

I remember in the beginning, after almost every call, you’d get a popup: “How was that call? What can we do to improve?” Annoying, almost to the point of harassment. But after a couple years, I’d get a clear phone call even on the crappiest, slowest, internet connection. Skype was the best.

Then they sold to Microsoft.

A long time ago, more than a year, Skype came out with an “update” that eliminated the ability to shut down the program. Well, first they made it difficult to find the shutdown button, then they took it away entirely.

I kept an old version of Skype, that had the “off” button.

Last week, for a few days, I tried to call my Mom, but Skype wouldn’t log in. This wasn’t unusual, as quality had been deteriorating since Microsoft bought it.

Then yesterday I got an email, saying old versions of Skype wouldn’t work anymore, and everybody must upgrade. I upgraded, and then Skype would run in the background all the time. One of my two app killers wouldn’t shut down Skype, and I deleted that app killer. The other would, so I had found a workaround, but after stewing about it for a while, I deleted Skype, this time forever.

If I am not connected to WiFi, and turn on my data plan, and get a call  on Skype, that would really crank up the megabytes.  I’ve heard stories about people who get phone bills for thousands of dollars because of excessive data usage. If I can’t control apps that may cost me money, I don’t want them, and won’t have them.

And as far as Microsoft’s motivation for not wanting me to be able  to shut off their program, I can’t think of any reasons, except diabolical ones.

Therefore it’s Good bye Skype! Forever.

So what phone  app are we going to use now?

Green Meanies



The other day, The Wife was at the store, called, and asked if we needed anything. “We need some Green Meanies” I said.

Astoundingly, she didn’t know what I meant.

I thought it was universal, everybody called the scrubbie things in the pictures above Green Meanies. (Not necessarily the brand pictured,  not necessarily green, but most are.)

Doesn’t everybody call them that?

What do you call them?

I know  I’m going to get a million comments, all  saying; “Of course they’re Green Meanies, everybody calls them that!”

Finally Friday

Glad it’s Friday, although sometimes I feel like I’m living in a little bubble of happiness in a world of shit.

Air Malaysia plane got shot down.

Palestinians shooting rockets into Israel.

Bad news this week. Things’ll probably get worse before they get better.

Have a good weekend anyway, can’t do much about all the people wrecking this world.


Topic Troubles

I feel much better than I did yesterday, thank you very much.

But I have no idea what I  can post about today.


Glad the week is almost over. I got a lot done yesterday at work.

The weather’s OK.

For my birthday, my Wife gave me a certificate for a flying lesson. I’ll probably do that not this weekend but next.

That’s about it for today. Havea goodun.

Very Disgruntled


Woke up this morning and realized I’ve been a fool my whole life. How did I get into this career? I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, (except for scuba) and I still don’t.

I work too hard, for too little money.

I should have never listened to my father, I should have followed my heart.

I’m not going to start typing about it here, because it’d never stop.

The problem here, is my perspective.

Banking: The Biggest Culprit Destroying The Planet


My Mom sent me a check for my birthday. I deposited it in my account. The bank now charges $10 to process an overseas check. I asked what if it was a $10 check? The teller said the bank won’t take checks for $10 or less anymore. I asked what if it was an $11 check? The teller asked if I wanted to talk to the manager. I said I wanted to see it in writing. She instantly produced the document.

I’m going to tell my Mom not to send any birthday checks anymore.

Sammy The Sperm Cell


…there was a sperm cell named Sammy. Sammy was a real fitness buff, always working out, running, swimming, wind sprints, calisthenics and generally spending all his time staying in shape.

Whenever any of his friends asked, Sammy always said “When the big day comes, I’m going to get there first, I want to be  the one to fertilize that egg.”

His friends laughed. “Sammy,” they said, “when the big day comes, there’s going to be hundreds of millions of racers. The odds of you being first are miniscule.”

One day, things started getting hot down there. Sammy got very excited. “This is it, I know this is it!”

All of a sudden, a loud voice boomed over the PA system:



Sammy was ecstatic, “I told you! I knew it! This is it! I’m going to be first! I’m gonna be the one to fertilize that egg!”

GET SET! Boomed the voice on the PA.


And in a flash, everybody was off, racing. Sammy pulled into the lead and away from the crowd. Pretty soon, Sammy was so far ahead, nobody could even see him anymore.

The other sperm cells started grumbling, “I guess all Sammy’s exercise and working out paid off, he’s definitely going to get there first, He’s probably going to be the one to fertilize that egg.”

All of a sudden, they see Sammy coming back, headed the other way. Soon they can hear him yelling: “GO BACK! TURN AROUND! GO BACK! IT’S A BLOW JOB!


Have a good week!

54 Again


Today is my birthday, 54. Funny thing, I thought I already was 54 and was turning 55. All year. Until a few weeks ago, when I thought about my B-Day and did the math. I’m glad to be 54 and not 55, but it’s sad I missed my 53rd year on this planet.

Have A Good Weekend!