(American) Football Again


Last night I watched my Redskins barely beat the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland could have tied it, and gone into overtime, or won it, they went for the win and didn’t make it, so they lost.

Kirk Cousins (backup quarterback) always plays better than Robert Griffin III, (starting quarterback)

This morning I was sitting in the woods and Miss Hawaii came walking by, wearing short short shorts. I told her I used to live in Hawaii. She was fascinated, and was sitting down to talk to me. Then the alarm went off.


Monday-ish Thursday

Today it’s back to work for me. Feels like Monday.

I guess it was an OK vacation. The weather was crappy half the time. I didn’t waste too much time  when it was nice out.

Last night we went and saw Costa Rica girls football. They got hammered by Canada. It was devastating. Canada scored first, Costa Rica answered by scoring immediately, but then it was all over.

Yesterday I took “Da Bus” into town to help the Wife  pick up her car that was in the shop. Here’s a pic of me on “Da Bus”.


You can tell I’m thrilled. Just like I’m thrilled to be going back to work today.

Have a good last two days of the week!

Girls Under 15 Football


Last night The Wife and I and a lot of the islands Costa Ricans went to watch Costa Rica play football against Jamaica.
It was lots of fun.




The Jamaican girls seemed a lot bigger than the Costa Ricans, but both teams played well,  to a draw.

Costa Rica plays Canada (?) on Wednesday and I plan on going!


Tired Tuesday


I’m sleepy this morning, stayed up late watching Monday Night American Football, Jets at Atlanta. Jets won, which is what I wanted.
I didn’t plan on staying up, but the game was really good. Jets were ahead the whole game, with Atlanta right on their asses, then Atlanta pulled ahead at the very end, then Jets won with a field goal  with three seconds left
After the alarm went off this morning, I laid there for a second thinking “this must be Wednesday, this week’s been too long already.” Then I remembered Football and thought “Oh yeah, Tuesday.”

It’s all good though, we’ve been having a patch of good weather, beach snorkeling lunches, can’t complain.
I guess that’ll do ‘er for today. Have a good day!

Going To Get Into Football

I decided I’m going to get into football. Real football, not American football.

I’ve been reading a little, trying to grasp the complex league system. And trying to find a couple of teams I like. I found one. Udinese! I have had a pen pal in Udine Italy for years and years, so when I found a team from Udine, I became a fan!


More to follow!

Here we are again, Monday!

It was a very nice weekend. And it seemed pretty long too. Friday we went to the Island Air party.20130201_172529There were private jets you could go aboard. This one only costs 12 million!20130201_210109

20130201_172431I got a close up view of the helicopter that’s always hovering over our house.

20130201_192416There were boats and cars too, I posted the above picture on Instagram and Facebook, and got several comments that I should buy my wife that car, but we can’t even afford socks that match, so I guess we’ll have to wait.20130203_08243420130202_124224Saturday we went to the “soft opening” of the George Town Yacht Club. Really nice.


20130202_124629 20130202_124255

And SUnday, we relaxed and went to a Super Bowl Party in the evening. Baltimore Ravens won and it was   a good game. It was outside though, and now I think I’m getting a cold. NO!

NFL21 Odds Super Bowl XLVII - 2013 Super BowlThat’s all for NFL Football this year, and that’s all for my post today! Have a good week!

100% correct!

 NFL Odds Super Bowl XLVII - 2013 Super BowlNFL Odds AFC  NFC For the first time all year, I got all my picks right! All two of them! In two weeks is the Super Bowl.

I have watched NFL football more this season than any other, ever.

This was a good weekend, uneventful, not much to remember, nothing to report. Looking forward to this workweek, I feel like I’m finally getting my feet on the ground at the new job.

Wild wet windy weedy weekend

Wello. Another Monday is upon us. Here was a not-too-bad weekend. Saturday The Wife and I went shopping, and got some Bougainvillaea bushes and a new pan for cooking.


It’s a “Stir Fry” don’t call it a wok

I can’t remember what else we got. We stopped by the cigar store and I smoked one there. I meant to get a box to go, but somehow it slipped my mind. I looked at a box, good price, but only 12 cigars in a box. I like boxes with 25. We also looked at a new washer and dryer. (Uh on, the Wifes Brain wheels are spinnin’ like crazy, I can tell)… She got the whole thing planned out.

Then we came home, and I watched a little football. (I don’t give a rats ass after the Redskins coach murdered his team) The results and my hopes for next week are below.

NFL Odds Divisional Playoff Games - NFL Football Odds NFL Odds AFC  NFC

I guess I gotta go for Baltimore. I hate all the other teams. I had a hard time picking San Francisco over Atlanta because I dislike them both immensely. SanFran because I thought Joe Montana was a weenie. Atlanta, because I’ve always disliked them. But I picked San Fran because of number 7 on their team. Don’t know his name. He was running and making some good plays. The winner of these two games plays the Super Bowl. Whoopie.

Sometime I have to tell you my NFL team philosophy, It’s quite insane.

Sunday I planted the bougainvillaeas in our solid bedrock yard. I tried using my one inch masonry drill to loosen up the ground and got it stuck solid in the ground. Then I had to use a pickaxe to get it free. Damn bougainvillaeas better grow.

And it rained Sunday, and we had a big power failure and I put houseplants outside and it immediately quit raining before they could get wet. AGAIN, like always.

That’s it for today, this dang post is too dang long!

Damn The Redskins Coach!

NFL Odds Divisional Playoff Games - NFL Football Odds NFL Odds Wild Card Playoff GamesRedskins lost. The quarterback Robert Griffin III got re-injured (in the first quarter? or second?) and the coach kept him in till he collapsed in the fourth quarter. You can say it’s not just the coaches fault, RG3 apparently wanted to stay in. But when you boil it down, it IS all the coaches fault.

I think that Kirk Cousins is an excellent quarterback, and if he was put in, (at the very latest the start of the second half) the Skins would have easily won.

I am so upset. The Redskins never get beat, they always beat themselves.

Here’s this weekends results and my next weekends hopes. Vegas got it 100% last week.

Yeay Washington Redskins!

In a very good game last night, The Washington Redskins beat Dallas!

The Regular season is over, and the playoffs are starting next week


NFL Odds Wild Card Playoff Games NFL17

Above, in Green, are my hopes for next week, in Red, are the results from yesterday.

It was hard to wake up this morning, I went to bed at about 12:30 and my alarm went off at 5:55.

In case anybody is wondering, Memory Monday will return at a later date.