Long Weekend Report

Monday here we are.  Except that I have the day off today. It is the last day of my “vacation”. What a waste of vacation time. It’s like a weekend.

imageYesterday I put in a new sliding glass shower door on the bathtub. Today I may mow the yard if it doesn’t rain.

postercvWe saw the second Hunger Games movie this weekend. It was really really good. Now I’m reading the books again.

And that’s about it. I feel all sore today.  My back, neck and legs… mo matter.

Have a good week! !!

Flashback Friday: Hurricane Michelle


Hurricane Michelle didn’t come too close to the Cayman Islands, but we got big waves. I was living in an apartment about 100 feet from the sea and the waves started coming up to the porch. I was trying to nail some plywood into the concrete to cover my sliding glass door, when a huge wave came up. It was easily neck or head high to me, standing on the porch.. I was kind of in the corner of the porch, and as the wave wrapped around me, I put my back against the wall and tried to dig my fingernails into the concrete and not get swept out to sea. I was moving towards the two foot dropoff at the edge of the porch when the water started going down. My feet hit the floor again and I looked to my right and saw a waist high river of water coming out of my apartment where the sliding glass door was. I saw a cardboard box flow out the river. I was getting ready to grab it when I see the nose of my kayak start to come out the door. (I had put it inside because of the hurricane) My dog Ditto was standing on the kayak. I let the box go and grabbed the kayak instead.

My apartment and everything in it was smashed. The bed was smashed, the bookshelves were smashed to splinters. All my books and my computer was destroyed, as were a lot of my CDs. My tool box had saltwater in it, and I didn’t know it for a few days and the tools were ruined.

The cardboard box that floated away had, among other things, my dive log in it, and it was there I lost track of my number of dives. That logbook was number 19, of my scuba log books I had filled up diving at that time. Anyone who knows me knows I log all my dives, and I always have.

In the apartment, you could see how the wave  came in at an angle, bounced off the wall, hit the kitchen, lifted the refrigerator. (I found my underwater camera UNDER the fridge). Then it went in the bathroom and you could see like a whirlpool pattern in the wreckage. The glass dinner table was in a million pieces and the wave busted the window unit air conditioner out if it’s hole in the concrete wall. All the windows were broken and the window frames were ripped out of the concrete. There was glass everywhere, and if it had happened at night when I was asleep, I probably would not have survived.

It washed the tiles off the floor.

Hurricane Michelle is the hurricane that broke open the Turtle Farm. Before the big wave, all my neighbors and I were picking up turtles and putting them in the bathtubs. It was a nice, sunny day. Huge giant sea turtles were crashing ashore in the waves, breaking their shells. These big ones were so big that only one would fit in the bed of a full sized pick up truck.

I had insurance, but got ripped off bad. For Hurricane Ivan, I had much less damage but I was ready for the insurance sucker punch to the stomach and I didn’t get cheated, like everyone else did. (All the insurance companies blatantly ripped everyone off and then changed their names after Ivan)

I was the only one who stayed in the apartments. But things kept getting worse. The landlord was fixing all the apartments except mine. There was no tile on my floor, just black glue. Ditto was getting sick, and slowly getting covered in glue.

One Saturday, I couldn’t take it any more. I went to my office at work, made a cup of coffee and sat down with the paper in the cool air conditioning. I found one apartment, made one phone call, went and looked, and moved into the apartment. I stayed there six years, and it was the apartment I had before I moved into this house.

And that’s my Flashback Friday. Have a good weekend!!!!

Monday, Mean Monday

Monday again. Ya know, I’ve noticed that it’s only the first five days after the weekend that are the hardest. Yever notice that?

Fridays birthday party was canceled

Saturday I went to the beach

Sunday, I intended to go diving or go to the beach but I was doing tasks around the house and before I knew it it was too late to go. After having my lawnmower stolen I etched my name in my kayaks and my wheelbarrow. And I fixed my kayak stand.

20130310_154730 20130310_154738Also, I possibly smoked my last cigar. I was planning on quitting after  I finished my collection, and I smoked the one I was saving for last. A  2009 torpedo that I had saved from a cigar dinner. Unavailable anywhere. It was alright, there were others in my collection that were better. I don’t really want to quit, I like cigars, but the wife wants me to, so there ya have it.

Udinese did good this week, holding their own against Roma. 1-1

I need a new lawnmower, and new pool filter pump and a new de-humidifier for my downstairs store room, so even though I’ve been trying to not spend any money this month to get ahead, I can see I’ll be trying to not spend any for the next two months at least.

I dread this week, I expect a lot of Bull Shit.

And finally, here’s a picture of Ditto the Monster Man, safe in his bed. 20130309_213815

Turkey Day Week

I didn’t realize it, but this is Thanksgiving week. I didn’t realize it when I agreed to go to the Brac on Thursday. I had to decline my invitation for turkey dinner, and I’ll probably be working till 8PM. We have a big audit this week, and from what I’ve heard about the last one, this will be Hell Week

The Wife is in Miami to see Madonna In Concert, She’ll be back Thursday and I won’t be there to pick her up at the airport.

It was a short weekend, Saturday I took The Wife to the airport, Sunday I  mowed the yard. I can’t remember much else. I miss her. Last night I woke up , hot, I figured I’d open the window more to let more breeze in, then I thought, am I an idiot? opening the window? I wonder if I’m crazy, wanting to open the window. I need to ask the wife.

Redskins won, I didn’t watch. I checked the score on my phone every once in a while while I was mowing. They play Dallas on Thursday as well, another event I’ll be missing..

I went to bed last night about 10:30, and it was hard to wake up this morning.

Re reading this, it sounds like I have a bad case of the Monday Morning Blues,

Another Monday

It was a nice weekend. I was going to mow the yard, but this fella I had given my old mower to walked by with his unsavory helper and they ended up doing it for me for a very reasonable price. Then later, I think the unsavory helper came back and stole about 20 cinderblocks from my side yard. Our dang dawgs bark so often that neither us or the thieves pay any attention.
Then last night I dreamed about how you could drown by falling into a barrel of water.
It was a pretty uneventful weekend. Which was good. We got some rain and sun, both good. Redskins lost again.
Aw dammit! crappy weekend! Everything sucks! Skins lost. Just kidding. I’m beyond caring already about the NFL.
Have a great week!

Poor Poor Sheba

Poor Poor Sheba

Sheba had a rough day yesterday. First she got kicked in the teeth, then she got her ear stepped on.

We were playing with a tennis ball on the front porch. Sheba was holding the ball in her hand. I tried to kick it away from under her paw, at the same time, she tried to grab it with her mouth. I ended up kicking her in her razor-sharp chompers, she went rolling, I got a bloody toe.

Later, Sheba was recovering from her ordeal on the cool living room tiles. The Wife was making some technical adjustments on her Wii. Suddenly Sheba let out a whine-ish yelp like we’ve never heard before. The wife had accidentally stepped on her ear.

Sheba immediately came over to me for some consolation. And I suggested the wife give them dawgs some treats to compensate, which she did.

Poor Poor Sheba

Mandatory Monday

I went diving on Saturday, above are some pictures I took. Adult spotted drum, queen angel and an eel. Saw a turtle too, but the pictures aren’t very good, not that any of these are.

The Driveway is officially done! Now I have to clean up. I’ve already started and am almost done, just raking around the edges to get rid of all the loose concrete bits and whatnot.

As I mentioned last week, there seems to be an ant problem. I’ve been tracking them down. I think I found two big nests but I still think there’s one more….. The war continues.

Have a good week!

cant miss it


Last night I dreamed I was driving a car. I was looking for a turn. You cant miss it. I was told. I drove and drove. “I think we missed it!” I said. You cant miss it, I was assured.
Turns out we passed it before anyone told us we couldn’t miss it. It was the first turn you couldn’t miss.
It was a long way back.

Then I had a dream I was taking these excellent pictures. Like you couldn’t look away excellent. Neither dream was bad. The first was funny and the second was, well, excellent!


I started plastering the sides of the driveway with mortar. I will continue today.
Also I have some interesting business opportunities coming up….
Fingers Crossed!

A Good Slab, With A Somewhat Disappointing Finish

The driveway/carport is finished, except I gotta take the forms off today and clean up.

It went well, and I did it all by myself, except the pouring and finishing and the shoveling and moving of gravel. It cost less than $1500.

The cats, chickens and I messed it up.

The pour started at 3:30 PM, and it was 5 PM by the time we finished. I went upstairs to get the dogs for their walk, and when I came down, I saw Little One Thee Cat run out on the wet cement, sink a good 3 or 4 inches, and run back off. I smoothed it OK.

Then there was thunder and all the cats seemed to disappear, so I went upstairs.

When The Wife got home,  I came down to show her the job and there were cat tracks and chicken tracks all over. We tried to smooth it with the board, and really messed things up. I called my finisher and asked him to come back over. He did and we smoothed it again, but this time it was very smooth and I was afraid it might be slippery when wet. He told me to brush it with a broom when it set a little more.

I went to the store and bought a street broom, and on my way out I saw Al run across, leaving deep tracks. When I got home there was more cat and chicken tracks across. The cement had set surprisingly fast and I was unable to brush the marks away. So, the finish is not what I had hoped.

Also, with the thunder came some rain, and the rain dripped off the side of the house in a concentrated area of the slab, so there’s pockmarks from that.

Overall, concrete man would probably call it atrocious, but it will work. It will be nice to have the cars under cover, out of the sun and rain. And, I used 3000 psi concrete and it is a very strong, heavy duty slab of concrete.

Below are several pictures of the whole process, start to finish.

Happy Anniversary

Fourteen Years ago today, I got up super early, moved my few pieces of remaining furniture out to the driveway for the Salvation Army to pick up. I gave my next door neighbor my house key. Then, on my hands and knees, I puked in my bushes in the dark.
What was I doing? I didn’t even have a key to my own house any more.
A friend picked me up in my old van that I sold to his business. And took me to the airport.
As the plane took off, and curved over the Chesapeake Bay to head south, I looked down out of my window at the familiar land and I actually cried. “I Failed” I thought to myself. “Ten years here, I have a house, I had a good job, I had everything but a wife and I failed!” I felt completely, utterly, miserable and afraid, wondering if I knew what I was doing.
The further south the plane went, the better I felt. When the plane descended into Grand Cayman I was so excited and happy I could barely contain myself. I started the day puking in my bushes and ended the day snorkeling off Seven Mile Beach.
It was one of the best days of my life so far. I have never regretted it.
For years before I moved here, I wanted to move back to the tropics. I wanted to stay in Hawaii after living there almost 5 years but fate had other plans. Then I was planning on moving to Belize, I was planning and thinking, going to the library, planning and planning, and thinking and thinking. For years. It only took a couple months to make the move down here, and it was action, not planning that did it. I made a phone call, for a yard sale, and sold everything I owned, a whole 3 bedroom house full of stuff. I made another phone call, Real estate manager. (I still have the house in Virginia, rented out). I made a call, airlines; airline ticket. I sold my car, turned in a letter of resignation at my long-time job. Very little planning, just actions. This a lesson I need to re-learn over and over again in my life. Now I’ve been here 14 years.
Sometimes I’m still miserable and afraid, thinking about the future and the unknown, but life is good, I’ve got the best wife ever and the best life ever and I’m glad to be here, and I don’t regret a thing.

The past is gone, we can’t do anything to change it. That’s why the past is called History.
We don’t know if we’ll be there tomorrow, or what’s going to happen if we are. That’s why the future is a
All we have is Today. Today is a gift, that’s why we call it

The Present