Slow Start Thursday

It was hard to wake up this morning. I’m still dragging. Bring me the weekend

This morning whilst feeding the cats,  I saw two new cats in the yard. A grey and a yellow. They didn’t try to get food from our cats,  but they did almost start a fight with each other.  I threw a rock at them and missed (I couldn’t hit a fat woman in the ass with a paddle) but they ran away.

I should get a price quote for the car repair today. Wish me luck.

zvsI discovered a movie called “Zombies VS Strippers”. Sounds like a wonderful movie. The Wife doesn’t seem too interested in watching it.  Hmm. Wonder why.  IMDB gave it two stars.

That’s it for today. Have a goooooood Thursday

Long Weekend Report

Monday here we are.  Except that I have the day off today. It is the last day of my “vacation”. What a waste of vacation time. It’s like a weekend.

imageYesterday I put in a new sliding glass shower door on the bathtub. Today I may mow the yard if it doesn’t rain.

postercvWe saw the second Hunger Games movie this weekend. It was really really good. Now I’m reading the books again.

And that’s about it. I feel all sore today.  My back, neck and legs… mo matter.

Have a good week! !!

Underrated Movie: Stranger Than Fiction





Last night The Wife was working late, so I watched an old movie on DVD we have, Stranger Than Fiction.

It was really good. I had forgotten how good it was. I highly recommend watching it if you get the chance.
It’s about an IRS auditor suddenly finds himself the subject of narration only he can hear: narration that begins to affect his entire life, from his work, to his love-interest, to his death.
Plus, a book author is freaking out because she finds out a character in one of her books is real, and if she kills the character, she kills the man.

Super good movie! Watch it if you can. And let me know what you think!


I am glad it is Friday! Every day this week, it was hard to wake up.
Last night, we went and saw Despicable Me 2. It was verra verra good!

imageMost of you readers have the day off today. Like yesterday… and tomorrow, and the day after that… You lucky dawgs.

Weird thing happened Wednesday, On my desk, I found my scooter insurance bill, and my Society Of Broadcast Engineers renewal, late as all gitup. So I ran down and tried to pay  my  insurance and they said it wasn’t due, I paid it. My durn SBE membership was a different story, it lapsed and I had to renew like a delinquent. But I don’t know why the bills got missed, and how one got paid and the other didn’t.

Also, yesterday was the first sunny day in one whole week. I had a beach lunch and feel better for it. I hope it stays sunny for a while.


Iron Man 3 on an Early Early Friday Morning!

Today is sleepy Friday. Last night, (perhaps I should say this morning),  The Wife and I saw the opening night of Iron Man 3 at midnight.

iron man 3 posterIt was about 3 when we went to bed, I got up at 6, sleeping a half hour later than normal.

Although the movie was good, I thought it was the least good of all three Iron Man movies, so far.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Yesterday I twisted my ankle and have my swollen foot shoved into my boots and laced up as tight as I can. Yow. I don’t think it’s too bad though.

Here it’s cloudy and there was some thunder and rain earlier. The forecast calls for rain today and tomorrow. I’m taking the car.

Yesterday I drove because of weather too and recorded an audio post, but it has too many mistakes to use, so I may re-record it today. One thing, if you’ve ever heard your voice on a recording, you don’t sound like you think you sound. I sound insolent, arrogant and angry. I certainly don’t sound how I feel…

Have a good day and have a good weekend!

Oz The Great & Powerful: Big Screen Must See

oz-the-great-and-powerful-banner-posterLast night The Wife and I went to see Oz The Great And Powerful. It was exceptionally good. The movie explains how The Wizard of Oz got up to the land of Oz years before Dorothy arrived.

new-oz-great-powerful-bubble-still imagesI especially enjoyed the China Girl, (Who lived in China Town) and the friendly Flying Monkey. (The Wicked Witch of the Wests evil flying monkeys were there too).

The movie was much much better than I expected it would be, and I watched critically for discrepancies that would have an effect on Dorthy’s Wizard of Oz, and found none. It was perfect.

I look forward to seeing this movie again, when the DVD comes out, and I am super glad we saw it in the theater. (We were the only two in the theater, it was completely empty except for us, first time and maybe the last that that has ever happened/will happen.)

I strongly strongly recommend you see it on the big screen if you can.

Swimming with the fishies

Here’s a video from lunchtime last week. I was snorkeling and a school of fish swam by, I tried to run ‘em down but they got away.


Happy Belated Anniversary!

I missed it, The Wife pointed it outSweet16-Black-pinkFebruary 4th was my 16th anniversary on the island! From now on I can say 16 instead of 15 when people ask how long I’ve been here. The Wife has been here 8!

I didn’t post yesterday, I was on Cayman Brac for work and I had to leave the house early.

Below is a video of our plane landing in Grand Cayman after a long day of hard work. The date stamp is off on the camera, the video was taken yesterday, the 6th. I have to adjust it on the camera.


Here We Are

We’re all here because we’re not all there. I am glad it’s Wednesday. I thought this week would have been a lot tougher.

Myabe I don’t have hernia. I hope not. It doesn’t hurt when I sneeze. I remember the first time, sneezing was a very bad thing to do. It still feels like a knife is stuck in my gut, but maybe it will get better.

I took my scooter in for it’s 1000 KM maintenance. It was covered under warranty, except labor.Of course, they tried to charge me for the labor and I had to whip out the paperwork on their asses.When I got there the bill was $75.04. Guess how much cash came out of my pocket at the end? Four Cents. It was $66 labor, which was removed, then $9.04 in parts (quart of oil) which I used $9 in “points” and paid four pennies out of my pocket. I came out pretty good I think.

Then last night we went and saw part 1 of “The Hobbit” It was good. The Wife was worried about having nightmares from the Pale Orc, but I thought he was a pretty sharp lookin’ fella. Now the Orc with the beard of fat was gross. Can’t wait to see more of the dragon…

Have a successful hump day!

Killer Kats

Last week I posted about Lee thee Cat bringing home a cute giant rat.
Well, since then almost every day we have been finding dead animals around the house.
Yesterday, hints of dead smell was wafting around the house. I checked the yard, and found a dead rat. (Maybe I should say mouse this time) . So I shovelled it into the woods.  Still, we could smell the smell. Checked the yard again. Found a dead bird in the advanced stages of decay, flies and maggots. Shovelled it into the woods.
I couldn’t smell anything dead any more but The Wife said she still could. I couldn’t find any more dead things in the yard.
Soooo this morning the dawgs were taking me for our walk and there was a mouse head on the front porch. Just the head.
What the heck is going on? Suddenly we live in the killing zone. Aren’t we feeding the cats enough? They get fed twice a day, and they quit eating before their food is gone (except for our three little piggies, also mentioned eariler) .
I don’t really want to start a daily dead animal removal ritual. What’s a poor boy like me to do?

The weekend was good, but too short. We saw the movie “The Campaign”, which was good.
And that’s about it. Have Ye a good week!