Blog Neglect

After reviewing my posts for the past week, I am amazed that I forgot to tell you that last weekend I went diving, and flooded my video camera. I apologize for this gross oversight.

On the bright side, I’m getting a new video camera, and I expect it to arrive today!

drift ghost s

Drift Ghost-S Action Camera

The camera is waterproof to 3 meters, (10 feet) which isn’t good enough for my needs, so I also ordered:

drift uw caseThe underwater case, good to 60 meters or 197 feet.

So I should be good to go again for awhile. This is a far superior camera and I was pretty impressed with the old one, so we’ll see how it goes! I know I’m gonna like it!



Phriday Photos

Camera 14MP-9PC

Fish in a wall

Camera 14MP-9PC

More upside down fish. Do you know what they’re really called?

Camera 14MP-9PC

A yellow guy

Nov 29, 2013 001

A stolen picture of a kid riding a big rasta reptile.

Dec 03, 2013 005

Curly Tail

I’m officially on vacation for two days! Who hoooo!

Tuesday Monday

It’s Monday, but really it’s Tuesday.

Yesterday was the best day of the weekend. We went to the beach and snorkeling.

Above is a photo and a super short (3 seconds) video of a triggerfish that hid as soon as I saw him.

And that’s about it. Also, last month, when The Wife went to Costa Rica, she brought me back a coffee cup gift from our cousins. It’s pretty¬† fancy, with the saucer and the spoon and everything…

markoffeeYodito means super strong coffee, and has something to do with iodine.

I have been working at the Airport for 6 months now. That means my probation is over. I have to get an evaluation to make it official. Today..

Seeing The Appeal

Mar 17, 2013 1017 (2)Lately people have been doing this “stand up paddleboarding”. I don’t see the appeal. To me, it doesn’t look like much fun. First time I saw anyone on a kayak, windsurfing or hang gliding or sailing in a sailboat, I thought “Dang, now that looks cool!” But paddleboarding looks slow and boring. You have to have flat calm water and it looks terribly inefficient. On a kayak you can put your back into it and get going as fast as you can. Paddleboarding looks like the challenge is to stand up and paddle at all. Apparently it’s all the new rage, but I don’t see the thrill.

DO you see the thrill?

Swimming with the fishies

Here’s a video from lunchtime last week. I was snorkeling and a school of fish swam by, I tried to run ‘em down but they got away.


Wordless Wednesday

For those of you who don’t know, when you don’t have anything to say, and it’s Wednesday, it’s legal to do a post called Wordless Wednesday, not to be confused with Silent Saturday. So since I have nothing to post about today, I’m just posting these pictures and I’m not saying a word.

Jan 23, 2013 001Smith Cove at Lunchtime

Camera 14MP-9PC

Above and below are my attempts and over/under shots. You try to get the waterline exactly in the middle of the lens so that you can see both above and below the water. Dismal attempts.Camera 14MP-9PC

More Of The Same, And Then Some

Yesterday I went back to the same beach as yesterday, I went snorkeling near Spanish Bay and walked around a bit, taking pictures. While snorkeling, a frikkin remora tried to attach itself to me. Bastad. Normally they just keep hassling you but I kept chasing it until it went away.

Today I don’t know what is planned. Maybe go pick up a check. Renew the PO Box. Smoke a cigar….

Cold Water


When I was younger, I’d see my Mom drink water and seem to enjoy it. I’d say “Mom, why would you drink plain old water when there’s Coke and Kool-Aid and juice and so much better stuff to drink?”
I can’t remember what she ever said, probably because I found answer unsatisfactory.
Nowadays I keep three one liter glass bottles in the fridge, and I cycle through them usually at least twice a day. I gotta say that drinking cold water is AMAZING! Especially first thing in the morning. I can’t explain why its so good, nor can I explain when or why water became so good to drink. I guess I’m getting old.
In other news, The Wife is buying a new car and should be picking it up today. Stand by for pictures tomorrow.

Monday Easypost

When I go diving on the weekend, it makes for an easy post on Monday, ’cause all I do is post some photos. Like these from yesterday at East End.

I am heading out relatively early this morning, for some work. It is cloudy and raining a little right now, and I am thankful for this rain. I planted a bunch of plants next to the new driveway yesterday and I hope they take off!

Have a good week!

Lost and confused

WordPress has operated flawlessly since I started, then suddenly I’m having problems. Twice I’ve tried to publish a post and get “Invalid Request” when I push the publish button. It seemed like if I uploaded one photo, it would replace the previous photo. Also I lost two posts and couldn’t find them in my drafts.

Also, what’s the difference between “Post a Photo Post” Post a Video Post” and ” Post a Post Post”? I assume a video and photo lets me post one video or photo.

It seems like this morning I found several new places to post a post from. Now I have to figure out the differences and how to get back there again.

In the posts I lost were the pics above, (which I expect to be three across, side by side) and my sadness that Andy Griffith passed away yesterday.

Lets see if I can publish this post. This is too much to lose, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll be pissed!