You Know You’re Old When…


On the news, Conan Obrian is taking over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno. I remember it was just the other day when Jay Leno took it over from Johnny Carson.


Although I meant to, I never got around to watching the show with Jay Leno. I saw Johnny Carson often enough.

I was working when Leno took over and I’m still working now. It would be nice to make enough to retire someday.  Can’t see it happening for me. I’ll probably be working till the day I die. At least I can go to the beach at lunch!


UPDATE! I just found out Jimmy Fallon is taking over, not Conan O’Brian. Sorry for the fuckup. To my knowledge, I never saw Fallon or Conan on TV either.

Two Days Till Thursday

Well, Monday is gone. now it’s Tuesday. payday is day after tomorrow.

Last night we went to dinner at Macabuca. It was pretty good food and there was a nice sunset.


Yesterday in town it rained hard almost all day. West Bay didn’t get drop. I couldn’t go on my beach lunch yesterday because of the rain and I was on the scooter. Now it’s nice and clear but I wonder it’s going to rain again today. 30 percent chance haha!

We’ve had a new coffee maker now for about a week. I suppose it makes acceptable coffee. It is one of those Keurig kinds with the canister.

My studying has been going extremely slow. I’m afraid I’m going to have to get up even earlier in order to study and accomplish anything.

That’s it for today. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Tired Tuesday


I’m sleepy this morning, stayed up late watching Monday Night American Football, Jets at Atlanta. Jets won, which is what I wanted.
I didn’t plan on staying up, but the game was really good. Jets were ahead the whole game, with Atlanta right on their asses, then Atlanta pulled ahead at the very end, then Jets won with a field goal  with three seconds left
After the alarm went off this morning, I laid there for a second thinking “this must be Wednesday, this week’s been too long already.” Then I remembered Football and thought “Oh yeah, Tuesday.”

It’s all good though, we’ve been having a patch of good weather, beach snorkeling lunches, can’t complain.
I guess that’ll do ‘er for today. Have a good day!

We Won A BOAT!!!!!





The Wife and I went out to lunch today, after we power washed the house and decks. After that, on impulse, we went to a boat show at Harbor House Marina. They were raffling off a cute little boat. My wife asked me if I’d like to win a boat, and I said “Not really, but I would like one of  those hats.” (everyone was wearing Harbor House Marina hats.) We went back inside and I found where they were giving the hats away, right next to where they were selling raffle tickets. The Wife bought a raffle ticket.

Then we went outside and there were hamburgers and stuff and a whole lot of people. Then came the drawing, we were so far away we couldn’t hear, so we went closer, just in time for the grand prize drawing, the boat. I went in shock when they called my name. I was zombified. I turned to look at the Wife and she was all excited, jumping up and down. I didn’t know she put the ticket in my name.

So they’re delivering the boat on Monday, I’m still in shock. I can’t wait to go out on it.

If I was going to buy a boat, it would be a boat just like the one we won.


Monday Weekend Report

Seems like it was a busy weekend, Saturday The Wife and I went on errand runs. I went looking for materials to build a chicken coop, but ended up getting a good rabbit hutch that seems perfect for our little chickies.


Sunday I went to the beach, mowed the yard and smoked a cigar in the evening.

Let me ‘splain something to you about chickens. A chicken can run much faster, and is much more maneuverable in grass that is relatively knee high as opposed to grass that is over their heads. After cutting the grass, I let the  chickens out for a walk, and couldn’t catch them. I had to call The Wife for help, and we ended up netting them with a towel. I caught the first two, no problem, but by then the second pair knew I was after them, and I didn’t stand a chance.

Then we watched a movie and went to bed.

Have a good week!


I am glad it is Friday! Every day this week, it was hard to wake up.
Last night, we went and saw Despicable Me 2. It was verra verra good!

imageMost of you readers have the day off today. Like yesterday… and tomorrow, and the day after that… You lucky dawgs.

Weird thing happened Wednesday, On my desk, I found my scooter insurance bill, and my Society Of Broadcast Engineers renewal, late as all gitup. So I ran down and tried to pay  my  insurance and they said it wasn’t due, I paid it. My durn SBE membership was a different story, it lapsed and I had to renew like a delinquent. But I don’t know why the bills got missed, and how one got paid and the other didn’t.

Also, yesterday was the first sunny day in one whole week. I had a beach lunch and feel better for it. I hope it stays sunny for a while.


More Paddleboarders

Paddleboarders030[2013.06.27_06.39.56]Below is a video I took of more paddleboarders.. Contrary to what I said before, they made it look pretty fun!

Bizzy Weekend


Here it is again, another Monday. I had a pretty good weekend. We went and saw the movie “Now You See Me”, about a group of magicians who get together to rob banks. It was ok. We went to a friends housewarming party and I stayed up several hours past my bedtime. Yesterday, we went to the beach, and when we got home, The Wife made soft pretzels, after I said I liked them.


They are great! They’re what’s for lunch today!

Six weeks till we go to Florida on vacation, can’t wait.

And that’s it! Have a good Monday and  have a good whole week!