Long Weekend Report

Monday here we are.  Except that I have the day off today. It is the last day of my “vacation”. What a waste of vacation time. It’s like a weekend.

imageYesterday I put in a new sliding glass shower door on the bathtub. Today I may mow the yard if it doesn’t rain.

postercvWe saw the second Hunger Games movie this weekend. It was really really good. Now I’m reading the books again.

And that’s about it. I feel all sore today.  My back, neck and legs… mo matter.

Have a good week! !!

Monday, back to the grind

Monday morning, pretty early.i see a little Sun coming up and hear chickens  roosters crowing and squawking.
Had a good weekend, Saturday did yard work Sunday went diving.
I have a project going on,  To clear the bush that’s invading our property line. It is going to be a huge job. There’s a lot of bush and rock and roots.


Above is a picture of the start. You can see the PVC pole marking the line. I have to go all the way back to the other corner of the yard. No rush.

I reckon that’ll doer for today. Have a good week and don’t forget to tip your waitress

Five Days and a Wake Up


Monday morning again, it’s hazy and gray. The sun coming up this morning looks just like the sun did setting last night. I don’t ever recall any weather quite like this in Cayman. Breezy yet hot.

Five days and a wake up till vacation. Very eager to go.

It was forecast to be windy this weekend, so I didn’t take the boat out. It didn’t turn out to be so bad. I need a trailer hitch, so I have some independence.

I mowed the yard yesterday, and The Wife did some landscaping. Looks goooooooood!

Have a good week.

Monday Weekend Report

Seems like it was a busy weekend, Saturday The Wife and I went on errand runs. I went looking for materials to build a chicken coop, but ended up getting a good rabbit hutch that seems perfect for our little chickies.


Sunday I went to the beach, mowed the yard and smoked a cigar in the evening.

Let me ‘splain something to you about chickens. A chicken can run much faster, and is much more maneuverable in grass that is relatively knee high as opposed to grass that is over their heads. After cutting the grass, I let the  chickens out for a walk, and couldn’t catch them. I had to call The Wife for help, and we ended up netting them with a towel. I caught the first two, no problem, but by then the second pair knew I was after them, and I didn’t stand a chance.

Then we watched a movie and went to bed.

Have a good week!

Picture of My Finger


I am all dressed for work, getting coffeed up, and ready  to go this  morning. Today I have training, so I won’t be in the office. (and maybe we’ll get out early, but don’t count on it)

Above is a picture of our backyard poinciana tree that I just took. Last year it had a few orange flowers but this year it’s in full bloom for the first time. We planted those two trees, (now grown together into one) five years ago.

I’m really enjoying our four chickens, I take them out for a walk every afternoon and I’ve been giving them flying lessons.

I just noticed my finger in the poinciana picture.. Oh well. Have a good HUMP DAY!!!

Thursday Ramble.

I ended up going for the Nexus 7 with the Sharkk keyboard. I figured there’s nothing yet to replace my laptop, but I can replace my Kindle and use my laptop less. I ordered them on Amazon and should get them next week.

nexus keyboard

yes, it’s the same picture again.

The first tropical storm has formed, Andrea. Here we go. Andrea came from the system that gave us that rain last week.


I guess I’ll be mowing the yard this weekend., but the grass is gone, all that’s left are the weeds. Starting over….

Have a good Thursday!


It’s Thursday, less that 24 hours till The Wife goes to Costa Rica. I sure do wish I was going. I can’t get off work.

I think this weekend I’ll cut all the grass with the weed whacker, since someone stole the mower, I have no choice. I could buy a new one, but would rather wait till payday, for budgetary reasons. Or maybe I’ll just let it go to jungle-ish conditions.

I have a technical problem with my blog. Apparently the anti spam software is not communicating with the master software somewhere else and as a result, I have to moderate the comments. Before it would just not post the spam, but now I have to moderate each one. I’ll look into it today if I get the chance.

That’s it for today, have a good day!! Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday Woes

Woke up this morning, walk dogs, feed cats, I noticed our lawnmower was gone. Our new lawnmower that was locked with a bike lock to a concrete pole. It was sitting on this kind of like a pallet to keep it up off the ground, The Wife said she noticed the pallet yesterday but didn’t think that the mower wasn’t on it. So it must have been stolen on Monday.

It makes me examine my life and try to figure out what I did wrong to deserve having my lawnmower stolen.

Another Monday

It was a nice weekend. I was going to mow the yard, but this fella I had given my old mower to walked by with his unsavory helper and they ended up doing it for me for a very reasonable price. Then later, I think the unsavory helper came back and stole about 20 cinderblocks from my side yard. Our dang dawgs bark so often that neither us or the thieves pay any attention.
Then last night I dreamed about how you could drown by falling into a barrel of water.
It was a pretty uneventful weekend. Which was good. We got some rain and sun, both good. Redskins lost again.
Aw dammit! crappy weekend! Everything sucks! Skins lost. Just kidding. I’m beyond caring already about the NFL.
Have a great week!