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Jul 10, 2013 002

Ships and boats

Camera 14MP-9PC


I was posting my morning post, uploading pictures when the internet quit. Now it’s working again but it’s time for me to go to work. Pics and a video for you.

Replacing Google Reader

I guess almost everybody has heard Google will be shutting down it’s Reader July 1

google-reader-shutting-down-Well, I’ve been looking for a replacement. and I think I found it. It’s called Bloglines

bloglinesAt first glance, I thought it was crap, but after you flip the switch circled above, iIt seems to be pretty good, . When you open it for the first time, default is this “Widget View” which shows all these boxes that are not what I want. But at the top of the page is a switch to flip for Reader View. Reader View is good.See picture above.

I exported my subscriptions from Google Reader, and got a ZIP file with a whole bunch of JSON files and one XML. On Bloglines, you’ll see an “Add Content” button. Below that is “Import OPML”. Steer¬† that to your XML file and it will import all your subscriptions from G Reader. And you can add sites one by one. I’ll help, if you need help, comment or email.

I’ve looked a lot for a Google Reader replacement, I started When I got my own webpage. I started looking again when I got the notification G Reader’d be shutting down. This is the best I could find, and for me, I like it.


Tuesday Tribulations

Tuesday, Of course no one showed up to repair our internet. LIME, our internet provider, accomplishes nothing unless someone is stepping on their neck, forcing them to do what they are paid to do.

I listened to the radio for 45 minutes this morning, trying to hear the weather prediction. What crap. I’m spoiled rotten I guess, I expect to have news and weather and anything else I want at my fingertips whenever I want it.

I don’t even know who won the football game last night…

Above are some random photos for your viewing pleasure. Like I say, pics make the post!

Internet, like Water and Food

Un F- Believably, our internet went down Saturday night. Called the provider, went through the phone rigamarole, they gotta come over. Of course. Didn’t I just go through this? Don’t I have a new modem?

When the internet went down, I was checking out the Facebook buttons I added, and was working on Twitter. I was waiting for a page to load, when The Wife said, “Is the internet down?” Sho nuff, twas. I don’t know how long it woulda taken me to notice. It must have just gone down seconds before she started using her computer.

So anyway Sunday with no internet was kinda noticeable.¬† No internet, no NFL football. We went to the brother and sister in laws for part of the day, but still missed the internet while at home. It’s kid of a constant thing, phone, tablet, computer, TV, all hooked up to the internet.. It’s become a must-have item. The title of this post post mentions food and water, but internet access is more like air, something I need whenever I want it.

I could go on and on, but I’m posting this from work, a habit I DO NOT want to get into.

But here’s a photo from work, just outside my door in the afternoon, eerie shadows.

Have a good week!

Internet Junkie


Woke up this morning and the internet was down, island wide.
Dang, there ain’t much to do in the morning with my coffee and no internet. Then the wife got up and we played with the dawgs and things weren’t so bad.
Then the internet came back up.
I was doing an “Internet Junkie” image search for a picture to post with this post, and found a blog about someone who went a week without using the internet. It’s a really good read. Read it HERE. That’s where I stole the image, BTW.