Blog Neglect

After reviewing my posts for the past week, I am amazed that I forgot to tell you that last weekend I went diving, and flooded my video camera. I apologize for this gross oversight.

On the bright side, I’m getting a new video camera, and I expect it to arrive today!

drift ghost s

Drift Ghost-S Action Camera

The camera is waterproof to 3 meters, (10 feet) which isn’t good enough for my needs, so I also ordered:

drift uw caseThe underwater case, good to 60 meters or 197 feet.

So I should be good to go again for awhile. This is a far superior camera and I was pretty impressed with the old one, so we’ll see how it goes! I know I’m gonna like it!



Phriday Photos

Camera 14MP-9PC

Fish in a wall

Camera 14MP-9PC

More upside down fish. Do you know what they’re really called?

Camera 14MP-9PC

A yellow guy

Nov 29, 2013 001

A stolen picture of a kid riding a big rasta reptile.

Dec 03, 2013 005

Curly Tail

I’m officially on vacation for two days! Who hoooo!

Florida Keys Bird Sanctuary






I could post a lot more pictures, but I won’t. These are un-edited from my camera.
I didn’t bring my camera charger. When the battery dies,  I’ll be stuck with only my phone camera…
The weather is great! I saw that it is raining hard in Cayman.

Flashback Friday: Hurricane Michelle


Hurricane Michelle didn’t come too close to the Cayman Islands, but we got big waves. I was living in an apartment about 100 feet from the sea and the waves started coming up to the porch. I was trying to nail some plywood into the concrete to cover my sliding glass door, when a huge wave came up. It was easily neck or head high to me, standing on the porch.. I was kind of in the corner of the porch, and as the wave wrapped around me, I put my back against the wall and tried to dig my fingernails into the concrete and not get swept out to sea. I was moving towards the two foot dropoff at the edge of the porch when the water started going down. My feet hit the floor again and I looked to my right and saw a waist high river of water coming out of my apartment where the sliding glass door was. I saw a cardboard box flow out the river. I was getting ready to grab it when I see the nose of my kayak start to come out the door. (I had put it inside because of the hurricane) My dog Ditto was standing on the kayak. I let the box go and grabbed the kayak instead.

My apartment and everything in it was smashed. The bed was smashed, the bookshelves were smashed to splinters. All my books and my computer was destroyed, as were a lot of my CDs. My tool box had saltwater in it, and I didn’t know it for a few days and the tools were ruined.

The cardboard box that floated away had, among other things, my dive log in it, and it was there I lost track of my number of dives. That logbook was number 19, of my scuba log books I had filled up diving at that time. Anyone who knows me knows I log all my dives, and I always have.

In the apartment, you could see how the wave  came in at an angle, bounced off the wall, hit the kitchen, lifted the refrigerator. (I found my underwater camera UNDER the fridge). Then it went in the bathroom and you could see like a whirlpool pattern in the wreckage. The glass dinner table was in a million pieces and the wave busted the window unit air conditioner out if it’s hole in the concrete wall. All the windows were broken and the window frames were ripped out of the concrete. There was glass everywhere, and if it had happened at night when I was asleep, I probably would not have survived.

It washed the tiles off the floor.

Hurricane Michelle is the hurricane that broke open the Turtle Farm. Before the big wave, all my neighbors and I were picking up turtles and putting them in the bathtubs. It was a nice, sunny day. Huge giant sea turtles were crashing ashore in the waves, breaking their shells. These big ones were so big that only one would fit in the bed of a full sized pick up truck.

I had insurance, but got ripped off bad. For Hurricane Ivan, I had much less damage but I was ready for the insurance sucker punch to the stomach and I didn’t get cheated, like everyone else did. (All the insurance companies blatantly ripped everyone off and then changed their names after Ivan)

I was the only one who stayed in the apartments. But things kept getting worse. The landlord was fixing all the apartments except mine. There was no tile on my floor, just black glue. Ditto was getting sick, and slowly getting covered in glue.

One Saturday, I couldn’t take it any more. I went to my office at work, made a cup of coffee and sat down with the paper in the cool air conditioning. I found one apartment, made one phone call, went and looked, and moved into the apartment. I stayed there six years, and it was the apartment I had before I moved into this house.

And that’s my Flashback Friday. Have a good weekend!!!!

Wednesday Picture Post

It’s a Holiday here. I have the day off but the wife is working, unfortunately. Below are some random pictures from the past week or so.

Feb 06, 2013 000

Cruise ship from the air, taken when I was on my way to Cayman Brac for work last week.

Jan 26, 2013 005

Last months full moon, coming up over the neighbors house.Jan 31, 2013 004Heron and snorkelers.

Bird N’ Wasp

I had an alright weekend. I stayed home, getting over the cold I mentioned last week. I put my new camera in the birdbath and got some pretty cool video. Here’s a one hundred and seven second video from yesterday. Bird extreme closeup gets run off by a wasp.

bird n wasp

It’s Monday, blah, but Wednesday is a holiday, so I prefer to think of it as two days on, one off, two on, two off. Then time to rethink my philosophy.

Have a good week!

Happy Belated Anniversary!

I missed it, The Wife pointed it outSweet16-Black-pinkFebruary 4th was my 16th anniversary on the island! From now on I can say 16 instead of 15 when people ask how long I’ve been here. The Wife has been here 8!

I didn’t post yesterday, I was on Cayman Brac for work and I had to leave the house early.

Below is a video of our plane landing in Grand Cayman after a long day of hard work. The date stamp is off on the camera, the video was taken yesterday, the 6th. I have to adjust it on the camera.


I Got It :-( The COLD.

victim2There’s been a cold going around for a long time. The Wife had it, I didn’t get it. People at work had it, I didn’t get it. Just when it seemed the coast was clear, I got it..

I ordered a new camera, it should arrive today. It’s a video camera as big as a pack of cigarettes, with a waterproof case good to 60 meters. I always wanted a GoPro camera, but this is better. Same specs, better battery and it has a display so you can see what you’re recording (or playback what you recorded.) It is a “veho VCC-005 MUVI HD NPNG Action Camcorder“. And it costs a lot less. And it has a remote control. I wonder if the remote control is waterproof too? UPS Gets it here in one day, amazing!


Anyway I went to work yesterday and took off early, I’m going today and I’m not taking off.