The Dark Side

I took my Mom to the airport yesterday, she made it home safely. That’s why I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. Yesterday was the first day back to work, oh joy.

My watch battery died yesterday, I’m lost. Now all three of my watches are out of commission.

I’ve been to work one day and I have three days to go. But at least it’s hump day!

Sometimes I find my bad attitude frightening. I can’t find a pair of pants in the morning and I get angry. The dogs want to go for a walk and it’s a huge conspiracy. Is it possible for someone to have a job they enjoy, with competent people who aren’t trying to stab them in the back? I feel like a crazy person sometimes.

This post isn’t  coming out like I planned. I planned on posting some pictures and a happy post. I notice the word “yesterday” several times above. Today should be a pretty good day. The weather is nice and I should be outdoors a lot.

The wifes ankle seems to be getting better. The swelling has gone down quite a bit and I can tell it hurts less.

I’m starting to get up earlier to study my course, this morning I didn’t study because of unforseen delays, but soon I will start. Once I start I won’t quit til it’s finished.

Have a good day, I feel better now after talking to you. Thanks

RIP Stripe. You Were Loved.

As many of you know, Stripe the Chick died yesterday. She had a short, bitter life. Her mother died when she was very young, and Stripe entered the foster care system with her brothers and sisters. Sunday she was  inexplicably and brutally attacked, and spent her remaining days in the intensive care unit, where she died Tuesday. Stripe was laid to rest in a small, private ceremony near the area where she was born


Stripe convalescing after the attack

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to your local Humane Society.


The cedar casket containing Stripe, lying in state, awaiting burial


Stripe in her final resting place. In Lieu of flowers, The Family requests that you please make donations to your local humane society.

Below is a video with Stripe, and her brothers and sisters. She has the brown stripe on her head, the second chick visible in the video. Stripe had a short life, but she was loved more than almost any chick ever was loved. Stripe will be missed and remembered.

Eat More Salad

For the past several months, I’ve been starving. I eat and get “not hungry”, then suddenly, out of nowhere, I get completely starving again, with nothing in between. Or I feel starving right after I ate and my belly is feels stretched full.
When you’re painful starving like I was, you gotta eat if you can. You can’t help it.
I gained about 10 pounds.
Saturday,  I did what I’ve been wanting to do for over a year. I went to the Pizza Hut and got the salad bar, all you can eat. I picked Pizza Hut because I was in there to meet someone a long time ago, and the salad bar there was the best looking salad bar I’d seen on the island.

Pizza_Hut_Logo I had three pretty large helpings of salad. Lettuce, tomato, carrots, green peppers. A couple scoops of cottage cheese. It was the best thing ever.saladbar-

There was a time in my life, when I ate a lot of salad, I’d order the giant chef’s salad if they had it at a restaurant when we went to eat. I’ve always loved a good salad.
Since Saturday, I feel much better. I haven’t been maddeningly starving since. I need to eat more salad.

Bird N’ Wasp

I had an alright weekend. I stayed home, getting over the cold I mentioned last week. I put my new camera in the birdbath and got some pretty cool video. Here’s a one hundred and seven second video from yesterday. Bird extreme closeup gets run off by a wasp.

bird n wasp

It’s Monday, blah, but Wednesday is a holiday, so I prefer to think of it as two days on, one off, two on, two off. Then time to rethink my philosophy.

Have a good week!

I Got It :-( The COLD.

victim2There’s been a cold going around for a long time. The Wife had it, I didn’t get it. People at work had it, I didn’t get it. Just when it seemed the coast was clear, I got it..

I ordered a new camera, it should arrive today. It’s a video camera as big as a pack of cigarettes, with a waterproof case good to 60 meters. I always wanted a GoPro camera, but this is better. Same specs, better battery and it has a display so you can see what you’re recording (or playback what you recorded.) It is a “veho VCC-005 MUVI HD NPNG Action Camcorder“. And it costs a lot less. And it has a remote control. I wonder if the remote control is waterproof too? UPS Gets it here in one day, amazing!


Anyway I went to work yesterday and took off early, I’m going today and I’m not taking off.