Banking: The Biggest Culprit Destroying The Planet


My Mom sent me a check for my birthday. I deposited it in my account. The bank now charges $10 to process an overseas check. I asked what if it was a $10 check? The teller said the bank won’t take checks for $10 or less anymore. I asked what if it was an $11 check? The teller asked if I wanted to talk to the manager. I said I wanted to see it in writing. She instantly produced the document.

I’m going to tell my Mom not to send any birthday checks anymore.

Sammy The Sperm Cell


…there was a sperm cell named Sammy. Sammy was a real fitness buff, always working out, running, swimming, wind sprints, calisthenics and generally spending all his time staying in shape.

Whenever any of his friends asked, Sammy always said “When the big day comes, I’m going to get there first, I want to be  the one to fertilize that egg.”

His friends laughed. “Sammy,” they said, “when the big day comes, there’s going to be hundreds of millions of racers. The odds of you being first are miniscule.”

One day, things started getting hot down there. Sammy got very excited. “This is it, I know this is it!”

All of a sudden, a loud voice boomed over the PA system:



Sammy was ecstatic, “I told you! I knew it! This is it! I’m going to be first! I’m gonna be the one to fertilize that egg!”

GET SET! Boomed the voice on the PA.


And in a flash, everybody was off, racing. Sammy pulled into the lead and away from the crowd. Pretty soon, Sammy was so far ahead, nobody could even see him anymore.

The other sperm cells started grumbling, “I guess all Sammy’s exercise and working out paid off, he’s definitely going to get there first, He’s probably going to be the one to fertilize that egg.”

All of a sudden, they see Sammy coming back, headed the other way. Soon they can hear him yelling: “GO BACK! TURN AROUND! GO BACK! IT’S A BLOW JOB!


Have a good week!

54 Again


Today is my birthday, 54. Funny thing, I thought I already was 54 and was turning 55. All year. Until a few weeks ago, when I thought about my B-Day and did the math. I’m glad to be 54 and not 55, but it’s sad I missed my 53rd year on this planet.

Have A Good Weekend!

Brazil VS Germany Yesterday

Yesterday I was thinking; Germany has the better team, but FIFA wants Brazil to win. This game will be an excellent opportunity to view some excellent crooked refereemanship!

I went to work a half hour early, skipped my lunch hour, and left work early to go watch the game. By the time I got to the TV, the score was 5 – nil Germany hammering Brazil.





Not even crooked referees could have helped Brazil yesterday. I came to be amused and was shocked. Brazil, as a country loves their team too much to handle this. They were still upset about a loss in 1950.

Brazil vs Germany — is the 1-7 loss worse than 1950 trauma?

Brazil’s loss to Germany is the most devastating loss in World Cup history

There’s lots of articles, saying things like it’s the greatest humiliation in Brazil history.

It shouldn’t be, it was a sport, a game. But you can’t say that at this point in time.

Too much, like a joke that goes way way too far.

Panorama Tuesday

I like to look at Google Maps (or Google Earth), and find interesting looking places, then go check them out. I had a list of several places, and yesterday, we went and checked some of them out. There’s still more on my list. It was a wonderful day!

Jul 07, 2014 011

Abandoned house on the south side of the island. (destroyed in hurricane Ivan)

Jul 07, 2014 036

The new pool bar at Ocean Frontiers on East End.

Jul 07, 2014 009

Beach view at the abandoned house in the first picture.

Jul 07, 2014 022

Spotters Beach, near the Northeast corner of the island.

FIFA Followup

I had to post these two pictures to go with my last post…. This should have been a penalty for sure. Old number 19 should have been out of the game. This incident happened minutes before the shootout, in which the goalie, in blue, had to be in top form.



You’re not allowed to use your hands in football. Hence the name FOOTball. Costa Rica never lost a match. Crookedness took the game from them.

FIFA was against Costa Rica from the beginning. Instantly, when Costa Rica won their first match, seven players were given drug test. This is a disproportionately high number. No other team had such a high percentage of players tested, of course, Costa Rica was clean. The second Costa Rica scored first in their second match, the behavior of the referees abruptly changed, favoring the competition. When  the opposing coach (Greece) realized he was not guaranteed a  win, he freaked out, and got ejected from the game. This makes it even more obvious that forces were at work against Costa Rica. Costa Rica won anyway, short one player for virtually the entire game.

Costa Rica went a lot further than FIFA intended them  to.

These pictures above are an example of one incident of several from their final game.

FIFA is responsible for having impartial refs, instead, I suspect they are the culprits who instructed the refs who they wanted to win. I was told this would happen before the World Cup started.

All this makes Costa Rica even greater in the Worlds eyes, they will  never be  called the underdogs from the group of death ever again.


Hey FIFA! Wanna give somebody a drug test? I mean besides SEVEN Costa Ricans for playing a hard game.

Give one to this guy, Arjen Robben, #11 for the Netherland World Cup team.arjen-robben



He was the only player on the Netherlands who was doing anything at all. He was in the center of every play, running around like a manic maniac.

Before the game, he got a warning about being too dramatic, which is saying a lot, considering that football players are probably the most dramatic athletes in the world.

The goalie for Costa Rica got poked in the eye, about two minutes before the shootout, somebody should have gotten a red card for that. Other than that, I gotta say the refs did a pretty fair job.

imageSadly, Costa Rica is out, But they went further than ever before, against insurmountable odds.




Here, Monday is Constitution Day, the holiday day off.

Good luck to those experiencing Hurricane Arthur.

Have a good weekend all!

Dropbox Test

Yesterday, while I was working, I simultaneously was uploading my pictures to Dropbox. I got a start, less than half of my 2014 photos.


The only problem, is the icons are too small for me to see the photos, as you can see above. Other than that, it works great.





Random photos from Dropbox. Testing! Testing!

Have a good day!