Morning Routine

Every morning My alarm goes off at 5, I get up, turn on the BBC and shave and shower. I get dressed, walk the dogs, feed the cats and chickens. Some days it takes longer than others, depending on the dogs. Today was one of those mornings, where it’s like dragging two rocks around on a rope. They both wanted to go different directions.dogaThen they stop and stare up the road. They do everything except poop and pee. Finally, when I start heading back to the house, THEN they decide it’s time to head to the nearest bushes and take care of business. Why can’t they get out there, water the grass, lay down the big stinkie, and head back inside? Bip! Boom! Bam!

But then comes the big excitement when I finally do get all the animals taken care of, and I realize there’s nothing between me and a cup of COFFEE! Hoo RAY!

Hoo Ray rhymes with Thursday! (kinda) And that means that tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Hoo Ray! Havea good day!

6 thoughts on “Morning Routine

  1. Dogs know that the fate of the universe depends on their choosing just the right spot to pee and poop. Why do humans find that hard to understand?

    • The problem is, they have their noses in the perfect place, then they can’t figure out why they missed the perfect spot by a body length!

  2. My two dogs go pee and poop at least 2-5 times while out walking!
    Little buggers.
    It’s friday here, which you already know, but I just felt the need to let ya know! lol
    Have a good day Dude.

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