Success, So It Seems

The operation was a success. I’m alive and I can still see.

When I got home, my vision was pure blur. This morning, it seems about the same as before. Hopefully it will continue to improve throughout the day.

In the picture above, it looks like I’m wearing a contact lens, but the line is where the incision was made I’m guessing.

The worst thing this morning is that it feels like my eyelashes are messed up. I want to wash my face but can’t get water (or soap) in my eye.

The operation was a unique experience. I still have glaucoma and epiretinal membrane, so I didn’t expect any miraculous improvement.

Have a nice day


It’s the final Friday before my surgery, my final weekend diving for at least two months. My final exercising for I don’t know how long. My final work day for more than a week..

I feel like my life is ending Monday. I’ve never took a week sick time in my life.

How many people die from cateract surgery? How many times does the procedure leave the person blind?

I’ll be glad when it’s behind me!

Have a good weekend !

The Same But Different

SInce I switched to GoDaddy, WordPress has been very different on my Android phone with Chrome than it has on my Android tablet with Chrome.

On my phone, I type a post and press “Publish” and it takes me to a menu list of options frommwhich there seems to be no escape. To go back warns me that I’ll lose everything, and there’s no way forward.

I can’t comment on your blogs, because it tells me I must sigh in to Google. Which I am and have done again to no avail.

It actually can’t be GoDaddy, because it’s only my phone, not both devices. I installed Firefox and the symptoms were the same.

Weird. … Workin’ on it!

Have a great day!

Two Months

After my eye surgery, I’m told I can’t scuba dive for 2 months. That includes wearing a dive mask and snorkeling and free diving. I’m thinking that it will be less than 2 months before I get the second eye done, and then the two months will start over again so I’m wondering how long it is before I can go diving after this weekend. Doom and gloom!

Tanker Aground

A tanker ran Aground on Cayman Brac. No fuel spill, but reef damage. Read the article HERE. In the old days, there were more shipwrecks. In 1794, ten ships that were part of a convoy on its way from Jamaica to England wrecked on the reef at the east end of Grand Cayman. Local residents braved the stormy waters and successfully rescued the ships’ crews and passengers.

The King of England granted The Cayman Islands tax immunity in thanks. That’s why we’re tax free today!

Have a great day!

Baba’s Sea Hare

Identify the photos below: One is a tang, two are called Baba’s Sea Hare (zoom in on them), two are the same Long Fin Damselfish (juvenile), and a baby squirrelfish.

It was a busy weekend cleaning up after hurricane Beryl. I spent Saturday cleaning the front yard, lots of chainsaw action and hauling away branches. Sunday morning was diving, afternoon was cleanup the back yard. Which involved mostly picking up little branches and sticks and poinciana seeds.

Now its back to work Monday. One week from today, I have cateract surgery. (Gulp!)

Peaceful Sleeper

Above is what I want to do today…

It’s Friday, but feels like Monday. I’m Headed into work this morning , ended up working yesterday. Opened the airport after the storm. No chance for any yard cleanup. I picked up the trach cans and righted the potted plants, but no real cleanup was done.

I’m kind of not in the mood for work today.

Have a great weekend!

Mid Beryl

Hurricane Beryl is south of us right now. It was blowing and raining pretty hard last night. It still is. Below are some pictures from the yard taken this morning.

I lost most of my bananas too, they got blown over, maybe they’ll be able to be propped back up again.

As hurricane Beryl moves away, the effects should be abating from here on out.

Back to work at noon tomorrow.