Snow Crash

Indiana Jones meets Ready Player One. Very enjoyable read. Grabs you in the beginning. Let’s you go a little in the middle with the explaining part, but quickly grabs you again with its good plot, characters, action and concept.
Hiro is an expert swordsman pizza delivery guy by day. He’s also a computer hacker and a bigshot in the metaverse, (an online, virtual reality world).

Y.T is a 15 year old cute girl. She’s works as a “Kourier” (courier). Kouriers deliver their packages by “poonng” (attaching an electromagnet sling to passing vehicles) and catching a ride on ultra sophisticated skateboards. Her mother, a government programmer, has no idea Y.T. has such a dangerous job.
Computer virus’s might have already come out of the computer and been infecting humans for millennia, causing drastic, sudden historical changes.
Imagine if you could simply look at an image and it reprograms or destroys your mind (like a computer virus)
Hiro and Y.T. have to save us all from the next big virus release.

I enjoyed this book. Worth reading.


Above is a picture of a frogfish. Can you see it? He’s tiny, 5 would fit on your pinkie fingernail. I took this picture yesterday..Below are two of the same pic, drawn on to show the fishparts

Frogfish are masters of camouflage. I saw one once before, years ago. How was bigger than your thumb, but just as invisible. First you see the eye, then slowly the rest of the first. Especially if he moves

Yesterday was the King’s birthday holiday, which is why I was out diving instead of working. It rained hard while we were underwater, and it was dark. But it was a good dive.

Saturday was the Flowers One Mile Sea Swim. I did it in 44 minutes and 15 seconds.

it’s cloudy here and looks like it might be a rainy week

have a great day!

Cat S22

I bought a new phone, Cat S22 Flip. It has Android 11 and a touchscreen. It fits in my pocket. It is waterproof and “rugged” is the spec listed.

Im still moving into it, seeing if it’s going to work out.

Im so glad it’s Friday. I can already tell the weekend is going to be too short. I need to mow and the Flowers Mile Sea Swim is Saturday

Have a great weekend!

Between The Raindrops

Went out for my stretches this morning , opened the door – raining. So, got ready for the dog walk, no problems, and no rain. Got back home,.tried to go back out for my exercises, it was pouring!

Its a totally grey day, I hear thunder. Today would be a good day to stay home and take several long naps that run into each other..

I feel like I need to take some time off work, use up some vacation time.

Have a great day!

Nobody Is Talking Peace These Days

Russian ships are probably in Havana right now. The US Navy shadowing them as the patrol cruised within 30 miles of Florida

Read the article HERE .

China, Russia, North Korea, the US and all their opposites, none of them are talking peace. Everybody acts like they’re tired of taking crap from everyone else. Everybody is pushing pushing pushing. There’s several little wars going on with no end in sight. Hope we get straightened out before they turn into a big war.

If there was a big war, what would we call it? World War III?

If I was in the navy, I’d love to be in Havana. That would be an awesome liberty port.

Have a Fantastic Day!

Flooding Yesterday

I should have taken some pictures , but yesterday was a famously flooded day. Everywhere there was water. Water on the roads, water up to the edge of the runway at work. Rain everywhere

We got the rain we needed!

Happy Tuesday!

Good Point

People use AI to write their term papers and do their homework. How about mowng my yard? Imagine a robot lawnmower similar to those robot vacuum cleaners! That’d be do-able!

Is AI backwards?

Mother Nature will balance humanity out before long, I reckon!

Or more likely, we’ll balance ourselves out first….

Have a GREAT weekend !

Viking Lenny

Lenny the Viking above. I love the picture. The hat’s a little big.

Not much going on this morning. Good sleep compared to the previous two nights.Bought a new UPS yesterday. Went in and grabbed the smallest one, when I got to checkout, I could tell by the price, it wasn’t the smallest one. Oh well, bigger is better, right?

Dp you have a Uninterruptible Power Supply in your house? People seemed surprised when I told them my UPS failed in the night.

Have a great day!

Shadow Of The Wind

I just finished this book and it was goooooood!!

It’s about this young man, Daniel, whose father takes him to “The Cemetery Of Forgotten Books” and Daniel picks a book to steward. As soon as word gets out that book exists, people are trying to get it. Especially this one scarface dude. the book Daniel selected is Shadow Of The Wind. Daniel tries to track down other books by the author and learn about him and a whole bunch of stuff happens.

Its a great plot with a lot of twists and action and romance. Very good guys and very bad guys. Highly highly recommended to read.

Last night my UPS started blaring out a siren in the middle of the night. It took me 10.minutes to figure out where the sound was coming from. Then my AC started making a noise like a jet throttling down the runway. I had to get up and adjust the air filter, which was “whistling”. through a gap because it wasn’t pushed in all the way. (I had an annual service done yesterday).

So last night was another night where the sleep could’ve been better

But I’m alright, Read that book!