A New Course

During my lunchtime, it has become difficult, if not impossible for .me to make it to my half mile swim course. Yesterday i tested out a new course, closer to work.

I swam from Eden Rock to Don Fosters and back. Four tenths of a mile. The yellow line in the above image is 400 meters. So there and back would be 800 meters. The red line is an easy to spot turn around point, but would make the swim considerably longer than 800 meters.

It is more advanced swimming than along Seven Mile Beach, with ironshore instead of sand, there’s not a lot of places to get out in an emergency. And it’s quite a bit rougher water than 7MB. My return to Eden Rock was a little more difficult than my trip away. On 7 Mile Beach you can literally pull over anywhere, get out and walk along the beach. Here, you have to find a ladder to climb up and then make it to the street through private property to get back to your starting point. There is absolutely no walking along the shore. Also the bottom is sharp coral and a miskick or not paying attention and getting too shallow could prove dangerous. But overall, it’s a good, swimmable course. And I imagine it will make the Seven Mile Beach swims seem easier.

Happy Tuesday! I guess this time of year a lot of people are taking a lot of time off. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “A New Course

  1. Sounds good. You’re keeping in shape. I’m impressed. We’re having a super cold week here so waters warm enough to swim are a dim memory of the past. 🙂

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