Flashback Friday: Finger Lakes Mudslide

When I was in my middle teens, we used to go to this place called Finger Lakes, near Colombia Missouri, USA. There were several lakes, next to each other, like the fingers of a hand, without the palm. You could swim across one lake, climb over a hill, and there was another lake. I only went to the first two, but I think there were more.

It was at Finger Lakes I saw my first topless girl. She was laying on a raft and I never will forget it! My first real live boobies in the sun!

Anyway, in between the first two lakes, there was a bug mudhole. And there was a bucket and a sort of like a ditch, that ran from the top of the hill, down to the mudhole. You’d get a bucket of mud, climb up the hill, pour the mud into the ditch and jump in and slide down, rocket fast. Then you’d be propelled into the mud, which was about three feet deep and very liquidy.

mud mud bathThen you’d crawl and grope and feel your way over the hill to the lake (you probably had a faceful of mud) and dive into the lake and get clean. Then you’d go do it again. Apparently it’s very popular, because there’s plenty of images on Google under mud bath.

It was very fun, and I remember it like it was yesterday!

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  1. Happy flashback!! – sure sounds like it!
    P.s. thanks for sharing the article about cats preying on birds… as predicted it now seems like it created real trouble for cats. If you care to read more here’s a good blog post: http://www.consciouscat.net

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