Free Ice Cream

it’s better to sell ice cream than to give it away free. If I sell it, then even if a person who has only a little money can get some ice cream. If I give it away free, people may take more than they need or want and in any case, I’ll run out. Then someone who wants ice cream won’t get any.

This is something my counsellor and I discussed the other day. After we talked about it andit soaked in a few days, I had to call him back to re-explain it.

In short, if you sell ice cream, you can make everyone happy. If you give it away free, you can’t.

I’ve been one to give away my ice cream for free. Some take all they can, knowing I’m’ a fool for giving away free ice cream. The others are unhappy because they wanted some ice cream and I didn’t have any.. Nobody hangs around long.

One thought on “Free Ice Cream

  1. Hmmmm. I don’t know. I think there are too many holes in that reasoning. If you sell it, what if someone doesn’t have enough money? If you give it away for free, you can limit the amount to make sure everyone gets some.
    Are you sure this person is a counselor and not an economist? This sounds like economic BS.

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