Headed North Again!

Not me, the sun!

I guess it was last night that was the longest night/shortest day. Now the days start getting longer again in the northern hemisphere.

I’m getting the front porch and back porch tiled. I’m tired of painting and scraping and working on it every year or two. Being tiled should make it practically bomb proof and maintenance free. I got the best possible tile, although it wasn’t my first choice. My first choice sold out between the time I got my estimate and I went back to pay. 2 days.

it’s a beautiful, clear day so far. I didn’t swim yesterday, I came home to accept delivery of the tiles, I may or may not swim today, depending on when the contractor can come over to receive instruction. But, if he comes after work, I’ll be swimming at lunchtime!

It’s onna be a good day, hope it is for you too!