Miscellaneous Repairs

As mentioned, I went.to Cayman Brac yesterday for work. It was a good trip and a long day.

CYB equipment room
Flying home on the Saab

The wife is going to the doctor’s today for some miscellaneous repairs too.

Today is a friends goodbye party. He got a new job. Free lunch at work!

Today is our first payday in about 6 weeks. December, we got paid early, because of Xmas, January, we got paid mid month to bridge the gap. That didn’t seem too bad, but it seems like a long time this month. Paid all the bills twice on one paycheck.

Looking forward to the weekend. Have a good-un!

One thought on “Miscellaneous Repairs

  1. Ah, yes, coordinating paydays and the bills. I rarely had a regular paycheck (only when professing) since I had my own businesses (and still do). When you have your own business you don’t get paid for holidays, either, but, hey, you can set your own schedule and can shoot for the stars without anyone else telling you to sit down and behave. 😉

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