more tile.

The tiling job is progressing, I think they’re one day behind schedule, which isn’t bad, really.

View a quick video HERE. I took the video around sunset last night and I think the lighting makes the tile look darker than it really is.

The house is full of tile and thinset. I’ll be glad when the job is done.

I think home improvement causes the need for more home improvement. After replacing the tile, it looks like the front porch needs to be repainted. After I repaint the front porch, obviously the downstairs front of the house will need to be repainted. It’s a never-ending job.

have a good day, I’m sure I will!

2 thoughts on “more tile.

  1. One day behind isn’t bad at all. I lived in a construction zone for almost 4 months, just trying to have 9 windows replaced! From July to November. I will not deal with another Florida contractor again!
    I sincerely hope 2022 is good for you!

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