Movie: Inside Out


I found the trailer for this move whilst looking for the trailer of another movie. I thought, “the Wife’ll like this!”

I had never heard of it which means the Wife never mentioned it, and I thought I had made a major discovery. I told the wife I had a movie picked out, and we watched it last night.

It was good, not for young kids, I don’t think. It was about this little girl who, like everyone, is kind of like a robot with a control panel. The emotions, (see picture above), take turns operating the controls. Memories are these balls that get stored in the mind, and are transported to and from storage by  these suction tubes.

Well, the girls family moves to a new city, and Joy and Sadness accidentally get sucked into one of the afore mentioned tubes and get transported far away from the control panel, and are trying to get back.

Meanwhile, without Joy or Sadness, the little girl is going a little bit crazy, as only Fear, Disgust and Anger are operating the controls.

Quite the good movie, much deeper than I expected, well worth a watch!

Hump Day! One week ago was my first day back after vacation. Seems like a long time ago, but the week is going fast. (Hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that!)

I have been rained on the past two days while ridding my motorcycle. Seems like we’re having period of sunny skies, but daily afternoon rainshowers… Not complaining. The low pressure systems and tropical storms are lining up and coming one after the other lately. Hurricane Danny is gone, and Erika (?) is cruising around out there. None are projected to come by here, fingers crossed.

Have a good Hump Day!

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