My Very Eager Monkey Just Stole Ugly Neighbors Peanuts

I made that up, years ago so I could remember the order of the planets in our solar system.


The reason I was thinking about this is because this morning I was thinking about a photo I saw of Earth and the Moon, taken from Mars, and that I’d like to see one of Jupiter from Mars.

Right now I’m sitting outside, drinking coffee, looking at the Moon and Jupiter, side by side.

On Monday, this week looked insurmountable, now it looks like we might make it to the weekend.
Our houseguest leaves today.

4 thoughts on “My Very Eager Monkey Just Stole Ugly Neighbors Peanuts

  1. I’d love to remember them that way. I miss going out and looking for shooting stars, comets, the moon..I’d go know on her bedroom window and she’d sneak out and we’d go look at the shooting stars….she’d sleep all the way thru her first class..bad grannie..

  2. Ha! Reminds me of when I had to learn the spectrum of colors. Roy G. Biv. That’s how I learned it. I am going to have to keep this saying for the planets in mind..

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