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A long time ago, I got no less than an obsession to obtain and possess a can of Spam. This obsession was so great, that after a period of futile resistance, I finally succumbed and purchased this very can. Like I said, it was long long ago. So long ago that I can’t even remember how long. But if I had to guess, I’d say…. Ohhh…. I rekkon it was, Uuuuhhhh, Just guessing. Let me think……Off the top of my head…. Probably roughly about, ummmmm, April 19th, 1988.
The other day I thought of it, wondered if I still had it. I do, in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.
I can’t very well throw it away, now can I? What if I DID get rid of it, then someday I have a hankering for a can of Spam again? I never had any desire to eat the stuff. I had some once, in Hawaii. I didn’t think it was much good. I’m pretty sure this can would be OK to eat, as far as Spam goes, if someone did want to eat it. Besides, I might need it, if the “Big One” ever hits….

Anyway, I just figured, as long as we’re reading each others blogs, trying to get to know about each other, that you needed to know about my can of Spam.
I’ve embedded a Monty Python video about Spam. On a historical note, this video is actually older than my can of Spam.
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Actually I have thought about getting rid of my can of Spam. The only way I would get rid of it is if I found someone born on April 19, 1988. I’d give it to them.
I’m a little worried about this post, I worry that they men in the white suits might come and put me in one of those jackets with the really really long sleeves and toss me in one of those rooms with cushioning all over the floor and walls……..


4 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. My dad used to make Spam for breakfast sometimes. And the horrible thing is, I used to eat it. Yuck!

  2. LOL, I can tell you you are not the only exentric person! I have kept old letters, lots of things from my childhood, even my first underwear from I was newborn. As well as a piece of leather that I cut in 1968 when I was on holiday at my grandmothers place – so a can of Spam … great idea about giving it to someone born that day, and otherwise it might soon be worth something on an auction ;-))

  3. Hi Mark:You finally brought me out of lurking.:)I'm 60…..something, one of seven kids, with one working parent. There was never any quibble over my school lunches – it was ALWAYS spam sandwiches!!!Now I find out it's unwanted email. I've never eaten an email, wanted or otherwise.Because I STILL remember the taste of that s…….tuff!!!!!:)

  4. I think since you have a picture of it, you're allowed to give it away. You don't even have to give it to someone born on that date. You could just give it to someone really, really hungry. 🙂

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