The American: Very Poor Movie

Last night we watched the movie, The American, starring George Clooney. I was saying it was the “Worst Movie I Ever Saw” afterwards, but The Wife said it wasn’t bad enough to be called the worst.

In the beginning of the movie, George Clooney is walking through the snow with a girl, and (for reasons we never know) a sniper fires at him (them). Clooney offs the sniper, and tells the girl to call the police. As she’s walking away, he shoots her in the back for apparently no reason.

Clooney is a hit man, and his boss is calling him about “the drop”. At the same time, another woman (the Hitgirl), calls Clooney to get a special gun made because she’s an assassin too, and needs a special weapon for a special job.

While Clooney is making the gun for the Hitgirl, he falls for yet another girl. He likes her enough that he calls his boss and says he wants out of the hitman business. The boss says OK, and then (coincidentally?) calls the Hitgirl to kill Clooney.

Soooo, as the Hitgirl is getting ready to shoot Clooney (with the very gun Clooney made for her), the boss man shows up and apparently shoots her. Then the boss man inexplicably tries to kill Clooney himself. The whole thing is pointless. Why would the boss save Clooney then try to kill him? If he wanted the Hitgirl dead, why not wait till after she shoots Clooney and then shoot her? I didn’t think the Boss wanted the Hitgirl dead, because she was supposed to do this big job later on, which we, the viewers, never know what it is.

Everything I have told you happens in the beginning, and near the end, of the movie. In between is nothing but drawn out boringness. The Wife and I kept thinking something was about to happen but it never did. And, I haven’t told you the ending, so in theory, I haven’t ruined the movie for you.

I would not recommend this movie, but if you DO want to watch it and tell me what the heck the point is, be my guest.

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  1. Nawh, I take your good word on this one. Doesn't seem very exciting if it all happened in the beginning of the movie. Another movie I didn't like of his, that was googy and pointless – forget the name. About a year old. He had no home because he flew all the time for his business, fell in love, had no place to take her…it was goofy…did you see that one?…if not Don't….debbie

  2. Just an update, if anyone reads this. I found out later that Clooney knew the Hitgirl was going to shoot him, and sabotaged the gun before he gave it to her. It backfired in her face when she fired it, instead of her getting shot by the Boss.Still, a very poor movie, full of gaping holes in the plot.Clooney could have suspected the Boss would try to kill him, but he couldn't have known it would have been the Hitgirl. He apparently didn't even know who she worked for.

  3. does a poor movie make you think and look up anwsers on the net? I think not– Is the parinoia of living near death and the beauty of life convayed ?? I thought so–Do we always know the rest of the story?