The Ten Dollar Olive

Last night I bought a jar of olives. It was over $8 CI dollars which is over $10 US dollars. I came home, opened the jar and ate exactly one olive. I turned and noticed something had fallen into the sink. I turned back and saw a bug swimming in the liquid in the jar of olives. I tried to fish it out with the fork I was holding, but he went under. A second later, the bug popped to the surface and began swimming again. I successfully fished it out where it promptly died.

After some thought, I decided to dump the olives. I couldn’t have eaten them without thinking about that bug swimming in them. I wonder, if somehow, that bug was in there alive all the way from the manufacturer. It doesn’t seem possible but I hadn’t noticed any flies or anything around my kitchen, and I only looked away for a second. Did I see it pop to the surface and start swimming when I looked back from the sink? Did it actually dive under when I tried to fish it out with the fork? Or did I push it under? Was it a housefly or some kind of water bug?

I really like those expensive good olives, and was quite disappointed. However, I feel like I made the right decision by throwing them away.

And there you have it. My post for the day. Have a pleasant day.