This Isn’t Modern Times

As I get older I think I become more and more against the death penalty.

Last night Alabama USA executed a murderer using nitrogen asphyxiation. Not very efficient. The record for holding the breath I think is 8 minutes. When a person starts holding their breath, the blood oxygen level begins dropping from about 20%. At about 10% you’d pass out. If your blood oxygen stayed 10%, you’d stay unconscious. Less than 10% you’d die. Four minutes with no oxygen, brain damage starts. Who knows when it stops?

I know this from breath hold diving .

This nitrogen method is effectively the same as putting a plastic bag over someone’s head or duct tape over their mouth and nose

It took Alabama 22 minutes to kill that guy last night. That’s way too long. He definitely suffered.

Why don’t they use the same method veterinarians use to put an animal to sleep? Why not hanging with a quick broken neck or firing squad? .

No, Alabama did it the way they did it because they want to punish. They want to watch someone in agony.

We’re worse than the cave man. If the cave man perceives a threat, he’ll eliminate that threat immediately, not not stash it away for decades then slowly torture it to death, SAYING it’s quick and not cruel what it’s about the slowest, cruelest method imaginable.

Happy Friday .