13 years and a day

I didn’t realize till late last night that yesterday was my 13th anniversary on the island. Now I can say I’ve been here 13 years and not 12.

It is bloody freezing here today and last night! Wind chill down in the 50’s I’ve heard!

0 thoughts on “13 years and a day

  1. 13 years continuously? Since it’s more than 8 can you apply for residency/citizenship? Are you subject to the 7 year rollover?In today’s world having dual US/Caymanian citizenship is probably a very good idea.

  2. By the way, is it expensive to live there? Do they have American food like Kraft mac n cheese in the grocery stores?

  3. I’ve been here since before the rollover started, so I’m immuneIt’s expensive, but the tax-free-ness makes up for it.Yes, American food is available