Between The Raindrops

Went out for my stretches this morning , opened the door – raining. So, got ready for the dog walk, no problems, and no rain. Got back home,.tried to go back out for my exercises, it was pouring!

Its a totally grey day, I hear thunder. Today would be a good day to stay home and take several long naps that run into each other..

I feel like I need to take some time off work, use up some vacation time.

Have a great day!

Nobody Is Talking Peace These Days

Russian ships are probably in Havana right now. The US Navy shadowing them as the patrol cruised within 30 miles of Florida

Read the article HERE .

China, Russia, North Korea, the US and all their opposites, none of them are talking peace. Everybody acts like they’re tired of taking crap from everyone else. Everybody is pushing pushing pushing. There’s several little wars going on with no end in sight. Hope we get straightened out before they turn into a big war.

If there was a big war, what would we call it? World War III?

If I was in the navy, I’d love to be in Havana. That would be an awesome liberty port.

Have a Fantastic Day!

Flooding Yesterday

I should have taken some pictures , but yesterday was a famously flooded day. Everywhere there was water. Water on the roads, water up to the edge of the runway at work. Rain everywhere

We got the rain we needed!

Happy Tuesday!

Good Point

People use AI to write their term papers and do their homework. How about mowng my yard? Imagine a robot lawnmower similar to those robot vacuum cleaners! That’d be do-able!

Is AI backwards?

Mother Nature will balance humanity out before long, I reckon!

Or more likely, we’ll balance ourselves out first….

Have a GREAT weekend !

Room For Improvement

Below are pics from this morning’s dawg walk.

It’s another Monday morning, my attitude has room for improvement.

It was an alright weekend. Dinner out Friday (at a shit restaurant I won’t go back to). Saturday had a nice breakfast with friends, then an afternoon pool party.

Sunday I stayed home, cleaned and did laundry.. We had some good rain finally, but as usual, as soon as I put the last houseplant out, it stopped, and thay didn’t even get wet

I watched the 1961 version of The Parent Trap. It was quite good, actually. I watched it because I was considering deleting it from my collection.

I’ll be keeping it.

Now it’s back to work… Bla.

A Little Rain

last night, in my sleep, I heard it rain. This morning my street was dry but apparently it did rain a little. During the day yesterday, it rained hard less than a mile south of my house but nothing here. It didn’t even get cloudy. The good news is, that it can’t not rain forever and it’s gotta rain soon. Hurricane season starts day after tomorrow.

Busy Good Weekend

it was a very good, busy, full weekend. Friday I had dinner with some friends from out of town and in town, quite a large group of us went out and had burgers at Sunshine Grill.

Friday daytime, the old tenant moved out of the apartment. Saturday the cleaning lady came and we cleaned the apartment. And Sunday a new tenant moved in. Quite busy.

Saturday was the Butterfield 800 meter Sea swim. Good news and bad news there, the good news is that I came in last place in my age category. The good news is that I came in first place in my age category. I was the only one in my age category.

Saturday night I went to a friend’s birthday party at Hard Rock Cafe. It was very good with lots of food. And people. I don’t think I’ve been there since before covid.

Sunday, I went to beach yoga in the morning, then took Lenny the dog to the beach and to Camana Bay around mid-day, and then went to. Bar B Que in the afternoon.

Now it’s back to work on another Monday.

Have a great week!

Finished: Good Omens

I finally finished Good Omens. My review below. Thumbs down, for me.

The first half was good, but I think it declined after that. To me, the humor was cheesy, and there seemed to be a lot of unnecessary side story. I thought the climax was anti climactic, without emphasis. It was just …over. But the book kept going on and on after the ending.

Your opinion may vary. A lot of people really really like this book, and I can see why, but it just didn’t do it for me.