I’m 197 pounds, I haven’t lost any weight yet, but I’ve been exercising a lot. I guess I’ll have to eat less. I quit snacks in between meals though.

I went snorkeling after work yesteday. I call this piece of coral ‘The Pinnacle’. I’ve been visiting it almost as long as I’ve lived here.

This is a jellyfish type creature, but it’s not a jellyfish. See the red things? I didn’t notice them till I looked at the picture
Yesterday when I got in the water, it was kind of milky (but still clearer than a swimming pool). As I swam out further, the water got very clear but there was an increasing amount of floaties, jellyfish type round balls, these things in the picture and a lot of vegetation floating. Also I found a childs blue bucket, way out, upright on the bottom, half full of sand. It still had the price tag on it. I left it on the beach.

Today is split shift day. Hooo-ray!

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  1. That ‘eating less’ is hard for me. And the exercising.I’m think I’m starting to understand why I don’t lose weight.

  2. I think that jelly looking thing is a member of the psalf family, but i might be wrong. (I can’t remember how to spell that word)I need to bite the bullet and buy underwater housing for my camera. So many beautiful pictures swim right past me. Lots of whales right now.

  3. The pictures are great. How do you get your mobile phone to work after you dive with it? 🙂 jkand how come my word verification always has a q or x in it?

  4. Hey Mark, how tall is the Pinnacle in this picture? And how long is that jellyfish looking thing? Are those red things fish?