3 videos

My post today is three videos, they use Real Player.
video 1 is Little cayman, The whole thing. This was taken in April of last year. The Picture above is Owen Island, which you can pick out in the video.

video 2 is way up on a cliff on the North East side of Cayman Brac. I walked as far as I could, then started climbing. There was a cool cave up on the cliff. The pic above is the mouth of the cave in the video. The video starts on the cave, then when it moves away, you can see where I started walking from, way far away on that flat part.

video 3 is at the bottom of the cliff, where I couldn’t walk anymore, before I started climbing. The pic above is a big rock that has a name, but I forget what it is.

Videos and pics 2 and 3 were taken yesterday, during my lunch break.