It’s Monday again. It’s August. Seems like the year is flying by. But then, as long as I can remember, the first half of the year is much quicker than the second.

This weekend was nice, the weather report said rain, but it was sunny. We went to the beach yesterday.
This weekend I also went back in history on my blog, and checked the blogs of a lot of people with whom I used to share comments. Most of those blogs are gone or have not been updated in years.
I wonder, what happens to your blog or your facebook account when you die? Imagine someone, a lonely old person, their family never really kept in touch with them, or never really knew too much about them. The old person dies, and years later, the family discovers a blog that their old relative was keeping. It could contain the most information the family ever had.
I’m feeling slightly sad and depressed today, I don’t want to go to work. The weekends are to short. A person should work 3 days and be off for 4. I know this is true.

Today my blog counter says 70785

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  1. I'm glad the weekends are no longer… I like the longer weeks with the kids at school.Today my blog counter says: 479,170… SHOULD hit 500,00 by end of year!