50 or 100 years ago

What did they do 50 or 100 years ago? tonight is a beautiful night, soft breeze, stars, crystal clear skies.
If it weren’t for technology, no one would know that in 24 hours, a hurricane will be bearing down on us. There’s no way to tell.

0 thoughts on “50 or 100 years ago

  1. Is it true what they say, that it’s calmest before the storm? I haven’t checked Emily’s path today yet but I hope you are well out of her way.

  2. Hi Mark, I seem to remember in Bermuda they used to hang up jars of sharks blood to predict the weather, but I have no idea how they worked! (maybe Moxie knows?)

  3. Debi, it was shark “oil” and when the oil turned cloudy, then that was a signal that turbulent weather was on the way.

  4. Yep…i just spoke to my Dad and he said he even has some….and they say it does work…i have to admot i have seen it work…