UW Photos

Had a great day yesterday, got up, cleared a corner of the yard that was overgrown with trees and brush. It still needs a lot of work.
Then I went diving, and took the pics below. Click to enlarge the pics
Eel behind the sponge, see him?
Lobster looking delicious
A shrimp, I should know the type but don’t. The pic is weird, even though he’s out in the open, you can’t really see him properly, I guess because of his translucent body.
A spotted eagle ray
The same spotted eagle ray.

Then I went to the beach and went snorkeling, then I went to get some cigars, and came home. Today is payday!

3 thoughts on “UW Photos

  1. Hello!I'm a Biologist and I simply love underwaters!!!! Your pictures are a great surprise in this morning, thanks!Biawww.biaviagemambiental.blogspot.com

  2. Really cool images! I love those underwater colors – it's really like nothing else. What a magnificent way to spend a day.P.S. The trick about being able to pet those kitties: I spend way too much time with them – but they make me happy through and through.

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