A calorie is not a calorie

I’ve been using this calorie counting app on my phone for almost a year now and I don’t understand what a calorie is. I thought it was like a fuel unit, like a gallon of gas for your car or or a standard sized log on a fire. When your body needs fuel, it lets you know, right? You get hungry

But apparently not, according to my observations. I have these little protein bars, I love ’em. No sugar, 220 calories. Eat one and you;re not hungry for a long time. They’re great!

Love ’em!

Yesterday, after work, the wife had her exercise class, so I had to fend for myself for dinner. I made this frozen eggplant parmesan. A meal for a whole family, (6 servings) I ate half, I figured it was a lot, but oh well. I was still hungry, so I ate the othe half. Still hungry. 1500 calories! I loaded up on junk food after that.

Not impressed

I’d rather have food where you eat a little and feel full, than have food where you eat a lot and still feel hungry. What’s the point of eating? To not be hungry. I don’t care what any science book says, every caveman knows that that’s a fact.

Last night, I never felt like I ate too much. I, according to the labels, ate enough for at least 7 people.

The system is flawed. There needs to be a fullness rating on the label. Food that doesn’t fill you up is worthless. I guess it’s like throwing a pound of paper in the fire instead a pound of wood.

This morning I put a big roast beef in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.

Yesterday, contrary to what the weatherman said, I got rained on while riding my scooter. I didn’t really get too wet though. This morning looks all clear again, but there’s a strong north wind, and I’m taking the van.

The alarm doesn’t seem to be working too well this week, it has been sooo hard to wake up!

Have a good day!

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