A Morning Donut: Improve Your Memory & Ability to Concentrate

Donuts aren’t exactly a superfood, but it turns out they may be capable of providing your brain with what it needs to effectively start the day.

While a donut isn’t the healthiest morning breakfast, sometimes it’s what your brain actually needs. If you’re having trouble concentrating or remembering things in the morning, it’s often because your brain is missing the sugar (generally in the form of glucose) it needs to function normally. The sugar is used as an energy source for the brain so it can do all the things it needs to do. One of those things is producing an important neurotransmitter chemical called acetylcholine, which is important to a good memory, your ability to pay attention, and your mood. Dr. Gary L. Wenk explains:

Your brain makes acetylcholine from choline, which is obtained from the diet, and from acetyl groups that originate from the metabolism of sugar. We frequently obtain choline in our diet by eating lecithin. Lecithin can be found in many different bakery goods such as donuts and cupcakes and is commonly added to chocolate. Thus a tasty chocolate covered donut first thing in the morning is going to provide your brain with everything it needs to pay attention and learn new things.

While a daily donut may not be your healthiest option, you may want to consider a little bit of baked goods with some sugar each morning.

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  1. Mmmmmmm, I love jelly and reg. donuts. Krispy Kream are my very favorite. However, as of July when I found out I was Diabetic…no more donuts. Well, maybe one, once in a while…but who can eat just one donut…NOT ME!! …debbie