A new decal

Yesterday morning I had to take my Dawg to the vet to have a grape-sized mass removed from his chest. When I went back to pick him up yesterday afternoon, I saw a new sticker on his folder-

Apparently he wasn’t too cooperative coming out of his cage when they were getting him ready for his operation.
The mass they removed wasn’t anything dangerous, but it’s getting checked out just to be safe.

0 thoughts on “A new decal

  1. LOL!! Both my cats have “caution” stickers on their files. Animals are different when they’re nervous. I’m glad it’s nothing serious.

  2. Ahhh!!! I thought this was a picture you took while diving! I’m glad it’s not. Jeeze….Vet story. We took our cat Yoshi to get fixed. We went to pick him up afterwards and when we told the vet assistant his name she went “Oh, HIM” and made a face. She then said that WE had to go back to get him out of his cage because he wouldn’t let anyone near him. He was so pissed, he wouldn’t let me near him either.