A perfectly blank mind

I’m trying to think of a good post. but I am achieving perfect Karma instead:
Trying to think, but nothing’s happening! Like a car with a dead battery! Turn the key, not even a click!

I saw a movie years ago. It was about two girls and a guy in Greece. They were having a good time, watching The Three Stooges and laughing like crazy, then one of them left, and the two went back to watch the same movie and didn’t laugh at all. Anybody know what movie that is?
Also I read a book a long time ago, I’d like to find it again, but don’t know the author or title. It was supposed to be written by a crazy person, and there were several pages about why you should never go out with a girl with manicured fingernails. Ever heard of it?

That’s my lame post for today.

0 thoughts on “A perfectly blank mind

  1. I'm clueless about the book and the movie, but the trampolining brought back memories.If I jumped at just the right time, it would make my sister fall. Every. Single. Time. Ah, those were the days.