A rare day (lets keep it that way!)

Although it has been raining a lot lately, it is usually clear at night, sunny in the mornings and clouds up in the afternoon. Last night it started raining and rained all night. It’s still raining. Actually it’s good for a little while. Its a good drenching rain.
It was fun riding my scooter into work this morning!

rainy pics from just now

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  1. RE: Lap Bands… I'm totally with you on not liking them.. or the Gastric Bypass Surgery either.I hate the idea of having surgery to limit what/how much you can eat… mostly because it can stuff up your body due to lack of essential nutrients.ALSO… I think it's 'cheating' in a big way! I read the stories from girls/guys who have had Weight Loss Surgery, and how WELL they are doing with losing their weight, and I think… "Hold on there Sunshine, YOU did NOTHING, the surgery is the only thing making you lose the weight….. YOU can't take the credit at all!"But I don't say that to them… or I would be labelled as a Jealous Person I reckon!Sheesh, I hope no one reads this but you! LOLOH and the first picture is awesome!