A week between posts

It’s been a week since my last post, I’ve been diving and moving some stuff to the new house.
Inner Space is over, all my dives were below 250 feet, and I set a new depth record on my rebreather, 408 feet.
I didn’t take a single picture all week. Except I borrowed a camera and took it on a dive to Funky Town, which I’ve mentioned before. I need to go and get the raw footage from the cameras owner. (He’ll be trying to sell me the camera.)
This is the last week they have to finish the house. All that’s left are the electrical inspection and the final inspection for the Certificate of Occupancy. Then I get the contractor out of there.
I’m freeking stressed, worried they won’t make it. We have to be out of this apartment at the end of the month.
Also the money is flying out of my accounts at an alarming rate. Today I have to go pay $5400 for furniture the OI Girl ordered. Bedroom set.
I don’t know what to do first.
I’m not scheduled to be back at work till Thursday.

0 thoughts on “A week between posts

  1. Moving is stressful, you’ll get through it! $5400 on bedroom furniture?? yikes. But, it’s a new house, new start, new furniture is good.

  2. 408 feet! Very impressive! I hope to dive down there again someday.New furniture for a new house sounds painful, but it’ll be worth it when the dust settles. Hang in there!