All Show & No Go?

After my post yesterday, I was so busy at work that I hardly was online at all all day. We have training this whole week and half the next for a new system that was installed. So I probably won’t be online much during that time. Seems like I picked the wrong day for my Gung Ho! post.

Woke up 15 minutes early  this morning, (4:45) and did my normal walk, and actually got to swim this morning. The north has been rough and the ladder has been out at the dock, so I haven’t been swimming in the mornings, but this morninng, the hotel staff wasn’t there yet so I swam in the pool. Although I’m sure it’s OK, I don’t like swimming in the pool with the staff there.

After the dust settles, I’ll post a post about the job I applied for, got, and probably won’t take.

Have a great day!!