Almost missed it

I had to work early this morning. I almost missed it. I went to bed last night and didn’t even think about it. then this morning the alarm went off and I lazily hit the snoze then all of a sudden, it hit me! Broadcast at 7:30! I popped tall, got showered, shaved and coffeed and out the door. Now I’m ready for a second broadcast. I got the equipment set up and I’m sitting in this cofee place on the second floor and I can see where the RC van is parked and I have about 30 mins before we go on the air.
I’m really getting pissed at my boss. I was on vacation last week. Before I even left he asked me to change my dates so I caould work. I ended up cutting two days off the front of my vacation. Then he starts calling while I’m in vacation and wants me to come back a day early. Which I did.
Now As I’ve already mentioned, The OI Girl is coming this weekend. I have secured the weekend off. Yesterday, by boss started pinging for me to come in and work Saturday. I told him no. I have plans. He said I could let her sleep in and it’s only in the morning and I could bring her with me and on and on. I said no. The conversation ended with him asking me to think about it. I said no. I hope he’s not confused, that he thinks maybe I’ll work Saturday, cause I won’t.

Yesterday was real nice. After work I took my dog for a beach walk and ran into some old neighbors of mine from when I lived on Boggy Sand Road. We talked and talked till the sun went down. It seems like, (and I’ve said this before) that once I get home, I end up staying home. I always plan on going out but then things happen, I get lazy, check the email, check the blog, or take a nap or something. Then I get the idea that it’s too late to go out and I stay in. It was great to get out, it always is. I should never go home! (But I gotta walk the dog after work)
Anyway, we go on the air in about 10 minutes so I gotta get going.

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  1. It is nice to get out. I try to take Vincent to the park a few nights a week. But since I do so much of my work at home, I end up on the computer too much in the evenings. Stick with your guns on the weekend thing. Take the day off and enjoy your time with your guest.

  2. I know what you mean about staying in once you are home. It is such an effort to get out of the house once I am in.