American Airlines settles up (not really)

In July American Airlines lost our bag of dive gear. The fairly accurate original cost of the lost goods is 1166 US Dollars.

Last week we got a check for $634.90, and a letter saying this was the maximum amount payable for international travel. To me, this isn’t acceptable. To me this makes it profitable for airlines to actually steal baggage.

If they lose peoples baggage, harass them, make it as difficult as they can to get service, they should pay considerably more than the original cost of the items lost.

This would considerably reduce the amount of lost baggage.

The Airlines actually try to disqualify people from compensation, they loose your bag, you make several very expensive long distance calls and you have to aggressively interrogate their representative to find out you need to submit a form. They don’t offer this information freely.

They then reluctantly mail you the form regular slow mail (plus it takes a day or two for them to even get it in the mail). It will probably take 3 weeks to get the form. When you finally receive it, you find it must be returned to the airlines within 30 days of the date they lost the luggage!,and the information they want on the form is not info you have. Date of purchase, city and store where purchased. Complete description, of the item, including composition and construction details, AND A COPY OF THE RECEIPT! Ridiculous. (What is the model number of your tooth brush? What is it made of? What date did you purchase it? Do you still have the receipt?) Most people at this point probably just give up, there is too much research, an not enough time to do it in.

So in order to get any compensation for the airlines screwup, I have to jump though hoops they purposely make too small to jump through.

The check they sent doesn’t even cover the cost of my underwater camera. Not to mention the pics that I never got to take off of it. Plus, an item bought in Mexico for $10 US may cost $80 CI here. So the airline gives me $5US (half the value, in our case) and I’m supposed to go buy a new one for $80 CI, $100US? The Airlines really get a good deal when they lose your luggage.

I couldn’t replace the goods we paid $1200 for for twice that amount, the airlines gave us less than half. If they have our stuff, and sold it in pawn shops or at yard sales, they’d definitely be making a profit.

I know the airlines don’t steal luggage, but it doesn’t just disappear. Our stuff still exists, somewhere. The airlines need to be the ones cracking down on the staff, who steal or misplace luggage. The airlines shouldn’t be getting a good deal when they lose luggage.


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  1. I can't blame you for being so angry. I'd be mad too. If there is a next time, perhaps you could carry on your cameras. Don't you know someone in the US that can buy you things and have them flown over? That would be handy….debbie