Animals and Construction

This weekend marked a year since the passing of Sheba, our beloved pooch. Ironically, our cat Goldie spent the weekend in the veterinarians for some urinary tract problems. He’s coming home today, 100% OK. Probably from now on, all the outdoor cats will get new food, good for their “systems”. I’m surprised that regular cat food (and dog food) is not very good for the animals they were created for.

The home addition construction project, still is not done. Planning has shut down because of this covid 19 thing, and I don’t have the certificate of occupancy and they’re not being processed at this time. The construction team is coming back over today for a few finishing touches and clean up. I just want this all behind me. Keep in mind, it could have been done by Friday, the 13th of December 2019 had not the contractor screwed up on updating of the electrical drawings.

I ordered a new tablet, a Samsung Galaxu S6. Allegedly the best tablet ever created on this planet to date. The optional keyboard didn’t get good reviews, so I plan on using an old bluetooth keyboard I have. Possibly, but doubtfully, the keyboard that I have on my S3 will work on my S6….

Yesterday and today it was cloudy with high clouds and some rain. Weird weather.

Happy Monday and have a good week!

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  1. We’ve had multiple pets before. But multiple vet bills can add up. We just have one dog at this time.

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