Another Morning

This morning we all got up early and took my Wifes Mom to the airport. Her two week trip was over way too soon. We are very sad because she is gone.

This mornings sunrise was nice and clear, light blue with no red, and today seems like it will be a sunny day. I had a whole list of things to do today and now I can’t remember any of them, except pick up some plumbing parts for our kitchen sink, on which the main drain pipe broke and flooded our kitchen last night.

Below are some pics I took yesterday, the top two is our cat Goldie, relaxing after dinner in the afternoon, and the bottom two are flowers I took in the rain yesterday morning. I like the raindrops you can see on the flower pics, especially if you click to enlarge them.

I kind of have the blues today, sad my MIL left and I guess that’s why.

4 thoughts on “Another Morning

  1. I love those pictures of Goldie and the flowers as well.I am going to miss my Mom very much too, but I am so happy we got to spend those weeks with her, looking forward to see her again (next time with Manrique!).Love you!

  2. Awh, love your kitty Goldie!! He looks to be Barney's age! Was he one of the stray kitties that you had? It's always sad when your MIL leaves. Makes the house just way too quiet!! OOoooo, sorry about your broken pipe in the kitchen! At least you know how to fix it!! We would have had to call an expensive plummber!!!…debbie (flowers were pretty!)

  3. It's so nice to know you actually like your MIL! so many people make jokes about the 'DREADED MIL'!I love the flower photos, so pretty.

  4. One of the few son-in-laws who actually feels sad mom-in-law has gone back home. Kudos to you. Your kittie is cute. The flowers are what we have along so many beaches here. They are pretty. And, the cherries on my post…yeah, those are the ones with the sectional seeds in them. Sour, but they make good juice sweetened with sugar cane juice.

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