Another weird dream

I dreamed that i was watching car race on water. I was standing on a dock, watching cars race. It was in New York I think, I don’t know why I think that, but the water was cold and black.
On the other side of the “track” was a guy in a kayak, watching the race too. Then behind him this big wave came and tipped him over and drove him and his Kayak deep underwater. I could see him under the water trying to get right-side-up, but he was having a hard time. Then pop! His Kayak came to the surface without him. A second later he came up. He swam over to the dock where I was, got out, walked right past me and around to a canal where his kayak was, put on his hat, and dived back in. (He was wearing a drysuit, for the cold water).
Then I was sitting on the dock by the canal, I saw an old lady and her son (or grandson) lowering themselves in the water and swimming. She was wearing a winter coat.
Next thing I remember after that, I was laying on my back on the dock by the canal. On the other side of the (vary narrow) canal, several people came out the door of their apartment. They had some type of toilet. One of them took the lid off the toilet and laid it on my chest. I said WTF! and threw it in the water. We started exchanging words, and I don’t remember what was said, but after a few minutes of arguing, I started walking away and two of them followed me, giving me a hard time. One of them (the same one who put the toilet lid on me in the first place) shoved me, and I grabbed him by the wrist and swung him around me and whacked his head against a wall. It knocked him out, and he would have fallen in the water except I still had his wrist. I was holding him by one wrist, and he was hanging down off the edge of the dock. I think his feet were in the water. I turned to the other guy and said “Do you want to get your buddy? Or do you want me to drop him in the water? I was just laying there, and he put the shitty lid of his toilet on me, I didn’t do anything to you guys.” The other guy came and took his friends wrist and pulled him up. I could see that the guy’s eyes were open, but nobody was home as I walked away.
A few steps later I was thinking that if I had dropped him in the water, he might have died because the water was so cold, and he was unconscious, and I’d get in trouble for murder.
Then I woke up.

These weird dreams are staring to bug me, although as far as I remember, it’s only the second one (recently).

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  1. That is a strange dream!I have this theory that you can never actually kill anything in a dream. I was thinking that, because my husband is a hunter, and he can never shoot anything in his dreams. Sometimes in dreams I try to stomp on bugs, but I always miss.Very odd.