Ant Attack and Ernesto


This morning the back porch was crawling with ants. They were running around with their eggs and whatnot. Hopefully I annihilated them.


Tropical storm Ernesto has been a big disappointment for me. So far, we’ve barely had any rain. West Bay needs rain. It trickled a little the last full moon, and a sprinkle the full moon before that. (It always rains during the full moon in Cayman). Our plants need rain.
Today I’m buying toilet parts and a bag of concrete. I’m going to fix our runny toilet and pretty up the sides of the new concrete. No, I’m not going to fill in the catprints.
Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Ant Attack and Ernesto

  1. It seems like the women are more often than not the worse storms.

    I saw and eagle carrying a fish the other day! Not sure why “ants running around with their eggs” made me think of that, but it did.

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