No Rain

It hhasn’t rained here in a long time. I’m worried about the plants in the yard. I water, but rainwater is better than city water.

Small Business Holiday Matket

It was a nice weekend. I went diving yesterday. Friday afternoon I went to a first night of Chanukah event. On Saturday I went to the Small Business Market. It was quite nice. I imagine myself doing something similar with wood.. Make something I could sell…

Here it’s been raining all night and it continues to pour. I didn’t see it coming!

Happy Monday , have a great week!

Rainy Weekend? Again?

Looks like another rainy weekend..There was a sea swim Saturday that has already been cancelled and I was planning a little get-together at my house that looks like it won’t happen. I didn’t get my painting done last weekend anyway, I maybe can finish that or at least do a little more.

Heres a shot from yesterday afternoona dog walk.

Have a great weekend!

September Already

I find it hard to believe it’s September already. This year has flown by. Every week has flown by.

There was a nice pre dawn thunderstorm this morning, not that we really needed the rain. Below is a picture of the sunrise thru my front window.

Have a good weekend!

Definite Rain!

This morning it rained again, Good rain, better than yesterday, 30 minutes or an hour. The plants definitely needed it and enjoyed it. I’m grateful for the rain.

Tomorrows post: Me complaining about having to mow the lawn!

Have a wonderful day!

Pineapple Pi Day

I have four pineapples growing in my yard. Below, you can see 3 of them.

Can you see all 3? They’re there!

Happy Pi day! 3.14. i got out of the Navy March 14 1985. Went in March 15 1979. Long time ago!

it rained last night! I was awake for my 2:30 insomnia session and it rained good for about 15 minutes. Puddles on the road this morning. The plants needed it a lot. Tap water just doesn’t do the trick like rain.

Have an excellent day!

Things Named Artemis

NASA just launched a rocket called Artemis to the moon. It has an empty crew capsule, will orbit the moon, return to Earth, and splashdown into the Pacific. There’s an article for you to read HERE.

I am also reading a book entitled Artemis by Andy Weir, (who also wrote The Martian, which became a movie.)

I have been pretty much unable to put the book down since I started it a few days ago.

Artemis is (was?) a Greek goddess. She was very affiliated with the moon, as you can see HERE.

(Not sure if the above image is Artemis or Diana. I guess Diana is the Roman version of Artemis)

Anyway, it’s my Thursday off. It started POURING rain about sunrise strong winds and driving rain. I don’t know what’s going on weatherwise. But it doesn’t matter, I’m just going to be reading my book.

Have a great day!

New World Record

This morning I picked my biggest pepper ever off my mutant plant. This is the plant seeded from the bell pepper seeds but the peppers are all shaped like the picture. They taste like bell peppers though. The other plant makes bell pepper shaped bell peppers.

Went to have a dental cleaning yesterday. She had her forearm on my chest and my head was touching her side. It occurred to me that “this is the first time I’ve felt anybody else’s body heat in probably two years. I think that’s why greeting hugs from friends don’t count as human contact.

Anyway, it was interesting.

Yesterday, it was raining and I took a lunchtime nap in my van. I think I slept really deep and hard. Tess good.

Last night I dreamed I was on the beach and the ex wife came walking by. She was wearing a modest black one piece Nike swimsuit and had a dog on a leash in her right hand and a yellow kitten in the crook of her left arm. I didn’t see the dog I was alone on the beach but scrambled to get away from the person sitting next to me as I stood up so she wouldn’t think we were together. The ex wife was smiling and looked happy and healthy. It was a pleasant dream and good to see her.

Today is a Wednesday, the weather is looking good. (West Bay (center of the universe) DID end up getting some good rain yesterday after all, if you read yesterdays post.) I expect today will be a snorkeling lunch hour.

Have a wonderful day.

Grinds My Gears

Ya know what really grinds my gears? The fact that it rains everywhere else except in my yard

As you probably know, I live in West Bay (center of the universe) and as for being on an 8 mile X 22 mile island, it sure does segregate the rain. I can drive home through flooded streets all the way home only to find dry pavement and sunshine starting a quarter mile from my house. Repeatedly and consistently.

Right now there’s clouds all the way around here, thunder, lightning and I can actually see rain coming from the clouds…over there. Not a drop here.

There’s a saying in Cayman, and you have to see it to believe it. “It can rain in George Town and not in West Bay, but when it rains in West Bay, it’s raining all over the world”

Have a good day.