Anticipating Wetness

I am all set to go diving. My rebreather is sitting by the door, undergoing the negative pressure test. This is my first time (diving) in a long time. I can’t wait. I am very eager to go.
I have another stupid theory to bounce off-a-ya. My theory is that diving makes me sane, the longer I go without diving, the more insane I become. Actually I don’t think it’s the diving, but an element of the diving. I think something in diving cleanses the mind.

Last week at work I was stressing real bad and I thought, “gee, it would be nice if I was married, because sex would be a perfect way to use this stress, and If I was married, (or had a steady girlfriend) then I could go home and have sex.” then I started thinking about how I might actually start to WANT to have bad days, then I could go home after work-

me: “Honey! I’m home! I had a REAL BAD day at work!”
her: “Oh goody! I’m glad! I’m right here! in the bedroom! I can make it alllll better!”

This probably happens for everybody all the time but me. You’re probably thinking “he doesn’t already know this??! Uh- no, I just thunk of it!

Anyway, after diving, I’m going back to work, I worked yesterday, took that new board that failed back and traded it in for another new one, and I am re-configuring the computer again. It’s not so bad this time as I’ve done it before and can move along fairly smoothly. (This time I lost my drive partition and all my data. bummer. You know me though- rebreather diver=backup.)
Got it covered

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  1. I think not diving has definately made you lose your sanity because the comment you made about married people havong sex all of the time was soooooo way off the target. I had way more sex when I wasn’t married than when I was. As soon as we said “I Do” he didn’t. Ask any married person, you definately get more sex when you aren’t married. I think it’s because they have to try harder. Once you are married they know they have you so they put you on a shelf and forget about you.

  2. I don’t know Daisy, you can’t get much sex less than me! (Near zero here!!) I bet you get it alll the time!Yes Anony, it does. I feel so much better now than I did before the dive!! I’d like to be able to extract the active ingredient and bottle it!

  3. Mark, I find it difficult to believe that you live on this beautiful island with thousands of tourists and you aren’t getting it every night. I think you’re just pulling our leg! Everyone needs something to keep them sane. I find the beach, water, sun, etc. terribly theraputic for me. I often say “I need the beach.” I like your idea…intentionally having a bad, just to relieve the stress. I’m not married have found myself recently very single again. Mark, you and I are in the boat.