Another Stinkin’ Monday.
Dreading this week, lots of outside broadcasts.
It was a good weekend. It was nice and breezy and cool in the shade, yet hot in the sun. We went diving and had a big Iguana in the yard.

Click all pics to see the massively huge version
Squirrel Fish
Grunt at his front door
OI Girl and Tarpon
Pink Vase Sponge
Honduran Iguana
and again

0 thoughts on “ASM

  1. I love your pics Mark. I’m guessing you are also loving your new camera. Somehow Mondays in paradise seem better than Mondays around here. L

  2. If I found that sucker in my backyard….I swear I would have a serious breakdown!!!!!!!! I love all the photos…you live in the best place in the bloody world by the looks of it. A tropical paradise…diving and beach combing in your lunch hour……lucky bugger!!