Astronomy binoculars

I’ve been itching for a pair of astronomy binoculars for a long time. Now I think I’ve found a pair.
Nikon Astrolux 10×70’s for $650, regularly $1200. They’re big! 12.0 x 9.3″ (304 x 235mm) WxH
Spending so much money is scary for me! I feel nervous!I can’t stop myself from getting them.

0 thoughts on “Astronomy binoculars

  1. Well they are expensive but for as much as you enjoy astronomy, I think you should have them. Why the heck not! Would have been cool to have them for your vaca….sorry, had to throw that in there.

  2. are binoculars better than a telescope? I know you can get a really high powered one for that kind of coin… at least here you can.

  3. Stars are always points of light, no matter how much you magnify them. Telescopes and binoculars are good for objects like planets and galaxies and nebula.The advantage of a telescope is magnification, the adjantage of binoculars is portability. I know I’m going to see a lot of stuff with these binoculars. They’re only 10x magnification, but with 70mm lenses, they gather a lot of light. Eventually, I will end up with a telescope, I am sure.

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